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Cycling is my source of liberation. The love affair started more than a decade ago when I started cycling for fitness and soon it turned into a passion. The adrenalin rush you feel when you grab the handlebars, put on the helmet, and feel the speed in your nerves is unique in itself.

From cycling to explore the picturesque countryside to racing with friends and sharing achievements online, I have done them all. After buying, riding, repairing, and losing several bikes through these years, I can safely say that I know cycling like the back of my hand.

It pains me to see beginners making the wrong choices and failing miserably with their cycling rendezvous. Hence, through this blog, I wish to help out everyone interested in bikes, all types of road, mountain, and e-bikes to make the right choices and get better with the wheels.

Rachel Lee

For Rachel Lee, cycling is more than just a hobby—it’s a way of life. She’s constantly seeking out new challenges and experiences on her bike, and she’s always happy to share her knowledge and expertise with others.

Passionate cyclist & bike enthusiast with a love for all things two-wheeled. Follow along as I explore new routes, share cycling tips, and geek out over the latest gear.

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