4 Best Bike Saddle Bags For iPhones for 2023

By Rachel Lee
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Best Bike Saddle Bag For iPhone

For some people (including me), the iPhone is like our soul. It’s the virtual replica of us containing our identity, memories, important numbers, essential apps, maps, and so on. As we can’t imagine leaving them behind when embarking on a ride, it pays to invest in the best bike saddle for iPhone.

You may have that old pouch or backpack for stashing your essential stuff like credit cards, keys, cash, and even a patch kit, but it’s not the ideal place to keep your $1,000 iPhone. A smartphone that expensive demands a specially designed bag to keep it well protected and accessible at the same time.

Most professional riders avoid carrying too many things on their bike to avoid adding up the total weight that may compromise speed and riding comfort. So, most of the saddle bags are designed to accommodate your iPhone and a few essential items that you may need during a road trip.

We know that with so many different brands and models around, shopping for a bike saddle bag is not easy. So, our team has reviewed a plethora of bike bags based on various factors like weight, size, space available, ease of use, weather protection and so on.

If you don’t have the time to read till the end then we recommend that you choose ROCKBROS Bike Seat Bag (learn more) for road trips.  We love that it is sturdy, expandable, waterproof, and comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty which makes it a risk-free investment.

For mountain biking, we suggest Topeak Aero Wedge Velcro Pack for its unique aerodynamics wedge shape. It has good reflective strips for visibility and a well-built exterior for rough terrains.

#1. BV Bicycle Y-Series Strap-On Bike Saddle Bagely

A serious biker needs a serious-looking bag and the BV Bicycle strap-on saddle bag fits the bill perfectly. This is the extra small size belonging to the BV Y-Series that also includes a large, medium, and small size. However, we have chosen the smallest size for carrying the iPhone and other stuff to ensure that we don’t increase the weight and still have the necessary items easily accessible at hand.

Although extra small in size, the saddle bag has sturdy and rugged exterior and soft interior to hold your iPhone, iPod shuffle, iPod Nano, and so on. It has an inner mesh pocket to store smaller items like snacks, keys, money, and so on. It has a zippered opening for quick and easy access, plus a taillight on the outside to enhance visibility at nighttime. It also comes with a sturdy elastic strap to securely hold the bag to the bike frame, preferably under the seat.

Product features and specifications

  • Capacity 18.84 oz
  • Weighs 2.1 oz
  • Inner mesh pocket
  • Zippered opening
  • Tail light for visibility
  • Elastic strap
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Highly reflective material

User/ Customer reviews

People who just want to carry their iPhone and maybe a few essentials prefer the small-sized saddlebag,  but those embarking on a longer trip like the bigger versions that can also accommodate tubes and cartridges.

Users like the thoughtful design with mesh pockets inside to carry the small items without losing them. Those who use it for storing smartphones say that it can perfectly accommodate iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7 plus, Samsung note 3 or 5, or S7 edge.


If you are looking for a sturdy, rugged, and compact bag that you can easily attach under the seat then this BV Bicycle Y-Series is a perfect fit. A few people have said that the zip is slightly stiff but that can be easily fixed. Overall, a great deal.

#2. Bushwhacker Tacoma – Bicycle Expandable Seat Bag

When you want an expandable bike saddle bag, capable of attaching under the seat then check out the Bushwhacker Tacoma seat wedge. It comes with a wide mouth opening of easier access to your iPhone and other necessary stuff. The exterior is thick and sturdy to protect the essentials in a case of accident or fall. The inner shell maintains the shape. It can be attached securely with the help of two quick straps.

We love the easily expandable capacity that allows users to double the size if the need arises to carry a tube or patch kit for longer bike trips. There’s also a light clip and reflective trim attachment that aids in increasing the visibility at night time. You can keep the smaller items in the side compartment adjoining the main. The sturdy construction and design speak highly about the manufacture’s commitment to quality.

Product features and specifications

  • Weight 6.1 ounces
  • Expandable design
  • Reflective Trim
  • Light Clip Attachment
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Attaches under seat
  • Two quick secure straps
  • Stiff inner shell
  • Frame front accessories

User/ Customer reviews

Most people like the sturdy design and expandable feature that creates enough room to accommodate a variety of things, both small and big. Users have also appreciated the small features like the large Velcro strap that holds the bag securely to the seat. The plastic inserts that keep the bag shapely even when it’s filled is highly appreciated. A few users have said have warned that the bag is not waterproof, which may be a cause for concern.


When you are on a long distance trip, you never know what you might require in the trips, hence it pays to have a compact yet expandable bike bag. Whether it’s your extra tools, snack bars, or just your gadgets, this bag does what it promises.

#3. ROCKBROS Bike Seat Bag Waterproof

If you are willing to spend a little extra for a well-designed waterproof saddle bag for your iPhone then here’s one by ROCKBROS.  This 3D-shell seat bag boasts a special design and construction with wave cushion and inner shock prevention in case of a fall.  The fabric is waterproof and the taped zipper adds further protection from the rain. The rubber buckle and two straps make it easier to mount the bag and keep it attached securely.

The reflective straps come with a lifetime warranty and they serve a dual purpose by adding to visibility when you go cycling at night time. Although there’s a taillight hook space, it does not come with the product. The inner mesh pockets come handy to store smaller items like keys, snack bars, cash, and repair tools. The manufacturer backs up its product with a lifetime warranty and good customer support.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 8 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 5.6 ounces
  • Large capacity  
  • Elastic rubber
  • Water Resistance IP67
  • Taillight compatible
  • One-piece upgraded strap
  • 3-mesh compartment design

User/ Customer reviews

People are impressed to find a sturdy, heavy, and spacious bag thoughtfully designed to carry iPhone and other essential securely and prevent damage. Users also like the water resistance that makes it perfect for all weather. A few cyclists have mentioned that while its Velcro, straps, and functions are all a great fit, the design is not perfect for mountain bikes, but good for road bikes.


If you are looking for a sturdy, spacious and waterproof saddle bag that you can carry in all weather on road trips then ROCKBROS Seat Bag (shop now) is a perfect fit. However, some people may not find it compatible with mountain biking trips, so choose wisely.

#4. Topeak Aero Wedge Velcro Pack

The Topeak Aero saddle bag brings convenience and compactness together to give you storage space in your bike without compromising with its design or weight. We love the aero wedge outline that allows you to attach it under the seat with ease. There are well-protected inner pockets to keep your expensive iPhone and other essential items while keeping the bag away from cycle tubes and other delicate parts.

The rugged exterior of the bike bag keeps your belongings safe and secure even in the case of an accident. It comes with traditional triple velcro strap mount equipped with snap-buckles that are made from 1200 denier Cordura, for an easy fix. There is also a 3M reflective strip and rear light attachment that enhances visibility at night time.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 3.7 ounces
  • Capacity 40 cubic inches
  • Made from 1000 Denier nylon
  • Seatpost strap
  • Expanding compartment
  • Water and stain resistance
  • 3M reflective strip
  • RedLite clip
  • Nylon straps / Buckle
  • Wide mouth opening

User/ Customer reviews

Customers love that the bag comes in four different sizes to choose from and can be expanded to increase space plus has an inner mesh pocket for essential items. People find this bag a perfect fit to carry iPhone 5,  iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 8 plus and similar smartphones on all types of road trips, mountain trails, and cross country ride. A few users have warned that the bag is water-resistant to some extent but is not waterproof.


If you are looking for a small and lightweight bag to carry your smartphone and important stuff then the Topeak Aero Wedge Velcro Pack (shop now) is a good choice. It’s easy to attach under the seat and comes in different sizes for short and long trips. A well-built product at a fair price.

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