7 Best Bike Seats for Overweight Person for 2023

By Rachel Lee
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Choosing the correct bicycle saddle to suit your body type is very important, whether you are planning a 20-minute ride or a 100-mile sprint. The cyclist’s “sit bones” need to be supported to protect the soft tissue areas underneath from becoming chafed or bruised.

This choice is especially important for overweight riders who need a wider saddle to accommodate their size and still provide support for their spine and tail bone. When seeking a bicycle saddle that suits your needs, the following factors should be taken into account.

Saddle Width

Saddle width is very important because the width of your saddle determines how much pressure will be placed on your sit bones. If the saddle is too narrow it may cause discomfort and saddle sores.

Just as a woman’s bicycle saddles are made wider than a man’s, to accommodate their wider spaced pelvic bones, larger cyclists need a wider saddle to accommodate their unique space requirements. A wider seat for a larger cyclist will provide stability for a balanced center of gravity, which is important for maneuvers such as cornering.

Proper Support

When searching for a bicycle saddle, it is easy to be lured by seats with the most padding. However, super-padded seats can be worse for riders in the long run because they tend to push up against the soft tissue and cause discomfort.

One should look for seats that are comfortable but firm enough to provide proper support. Initially, a firmer seat will feel uncomfortable but in the long run, these saddles will be a much healthier choice. 


You should always consider the effects of wear and tear on your bicycle saddle. No one wants to have to keep replacing their saddle once they have become used to it.

Foam saddles tend to compress more quickly than other saddle materials, especially by cyclists who are carrying extra mass. This does not mean that they don’t provide a comfortable ride, or be avoided, they will just need to be replaced more often.

Make sure that your saddle railings are of a high-quality metal such as Chromoly or titanium. High-quality railings provide the back support particularly important to larger mass riders.

Other Factors to Consider

Every cyclist experiences seat pain at some stage of their riding life and it is not something that is reserved for heavier riders. Padded bike shorts are an option if you are experiencing discomfort because the padding absorbs road vibration and helps prevent chaffing.

Editor’s Choice: YLG Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Comparing the 7 Bicycle Saddles

Bicycle Saddle BrandAssembled Product WeightAssembled Product DimensionsMaterial

1. Schwinn Comfort Saddle
1.83lbs7.25 x 10.75 x 3.13 InchesHigh-density Comfort FoamShop Now

2. Bikeroo Comfort Seat
2.6 lbs10.2 x 10.2 x 7 InchesSoft yet Sturdy FoamShop Now
3. YLG Overised Comfort Bike Seat3.4 lbs10.63 x 13.38 x 6.3 InchesHigh-Density Memory Foam and GelShop Now

4. Giddy Up! Comfort Bike Seat
2 lbs8.3 x 4.3 x 11 InchesMemory Foam and Gel FoamShop Now

5. Sunlite Cloud 9 Suspension Cruiser Saddle
3 lbs10.5 x 10.5 InchesMulti-Stage High-Density Foam GelShop Now

6. Accot Wide Bike saddle
2.7 lbs10.6 x 13. x 6. Inches

High Density
Memory Foam
Shop Now

7. Gincleey Comfort Wide seat
1.65 lbs8.2 x 10.2 x 5.4 Inches Soft Foam paddingShop Now

1. Schwinn Comfort Bike Saddle (Noseless Saddle)

The Schwinn “No Pressure” seat is custom-designed to limit pressure on the rider’s sit bones. The high-density foam padding gives a smoother and more comfortable ride, especially for plus-sized riders.

This soft foam seat is supported by “elastomer suspension coils” which is a polymer with elastic/flexible qualities that compresses and rebounds more gently than steel coil springs. This means the elastomer coils absorb the bumps and dampen the vibration of the road to deliver a more enjoyable cycling experience.

The super-wide dimensions of the Schwinn comfort saddle provide for even weight distribution, which alleviates pressure on the sit bones as well as a rider’s sensitive, soft tissue area.

The high-density foam is durable and weather-resistant and stands up well to general wear and tear. The Schwinn comfort saddle does not have a nose and thus removes friction in the groin area and is adaptable to most bicycle seat post fittings.

Product features

  • Super-wide seat dimensions limit pressure-point contact and add stability
  • Durable high-density foam padding for extended use
  • Ideal for low seat position and an upright riding position
  • Fits most standard seat posts
  • Includes clamp designed to fit 22mm standard seat posts

Customer reviews

Users who have reviewed the Schwinn express a common satisfaction with the comfort of the wide seat saddle. There were a few customers that suggested that the saddle worked more effectively when the bracket under the seat is moved forward by loosening and sliding the bracket forward.


The consensus is that the Schwinn comfort bike saddle (learn more) helps those who are plus-sized as well as those who have complaints such as arthritis or ailments in the groin area. Although the saddle may take getting used to, it provides a very secure and comfortable ride. 

The saddle is great for leisure rides but because it has no nose it can not be used in a forward riding position comfortably.

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2. Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

The Bikeroo oversized comfort bike seat is great for both indoor exercise and outdoor cycling for plus-sized women and men. The seat is equipped with elastomer spring suspension, which is made of elasticated synthetic polymer. The elastomer absorbs more shock and protects the rider’s spine from the bumps and vibrations of riding on the road.

The saddle comes with a universal saddle adapter that fits easily onto your indoor exercise post or your outdoor bicycle. The seat comes with a soft yet sturdy high-density foam to provide the necessary support to the rider.

The Bikeroo comfort bike seat comes with great accessories such as; mounting tools, an instruction manual, and a handy waterproof cover to protect your saddle from the elements.

Product Features

  • Soft yet sturdy foam padding for comfort
  • Versatile indoor/outdoor functions
  • Elastomer spring suspension to absorb shocks and protect the spine
  • Fits most standard seat posts
  • Comes with a universal saddle adaptor
  • Handy waterproof cover included 
  • Guaranteed refund for unsatisfied customers
  • Extra-wide seat to accommodate larger body frames

Customer reviews

Most of the customer reviews were extremely happy with the Bikeroo comfort seat. The triangular shape and wide setting were particularly helpful to users who were “spinning” and needed a saddle to suit a more forward biking position. The product was rated as easy to assemble and improved users’ exercise habits by relieving the pain caused by standard bicycle seats.


The ergonomic design and generous width of the Bikeroo comfort seat are perfectly suited to larger folk who wish to exercise indoors or outdoors. The seats are comfortable and practical for those seeking to “spin” in a forward seating position or those who prefer to sit back and enjoy a leisurely cycle in comfort.

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3. YLG Oversized Oversized Comfort Bike Seat 

The YLG oversized comfort bike seat is covered in highly elastic, high-density memory foam and gel, to provide maximum comfort to larger cyclists. The seat is covered in water-proof PVC leather and is durable, as well as slip and scratch-resistant. 

The extra-wide ergonomic design spreads the surface area of the rider’s derriere and protects their sit bones from painful pressure. The YLG comfort bike seat has dual spring rubber ball suspension specifically designed to provide enhanced shock absorption on the road.

The YLG comfort bike adapts to most standard saddle posts and is suited to mountain bikes as well as road-city bikes. The saddle is easy to install and comes with both fitting tools and an instruction manual.

Product features

  • Elastic high-density foam and gel cushioning
  • Extra-wide and ergonomic design
  • Dual spring ball suspension for greater shock absorption
  • Reflector panels for riding at night

Customer Reviews

Although the consensus of the YLG oversize comfort bike was positive, there were a few complaints. The slight elevation of the saddle’s nose caused some male discomfort on long rides and the winged wrap-around ends made it difficult for some to dismount in an emergency. The most common complaint was that of the marked noise of the springs for larger riders when going over bumpy ground.


The YLG oversize comfort bike seat with gel and high-density foam cover seems to be a more ergonomic alternative for plus-sized users. Although many of the users were happy with the comfort of the extra-wide seat, the saddle is rather noisy and the upward angle of the nose may cause discomfort in some male users.

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4. Giddy up! Bike Seat with Memory Foam

The Giddy Up! is a versatile saddle made for safety and comfort both day and night riding. The seat comes equipped with an LED tail light embedded in the back end of the seat as well as a reflective band for the rider to use on his/her ankle.

The saddle provides the comfort of memory foam as well as additional gel foam for enhanced riding experience. The saddle comes with a high-grade waterproof cover to protect the seat if one is caught in the rain outdoors.

To make your ride even smoother, the saddle comes equipped with a dual “rubber ball” suspension to dampen any shocks you may suffer on uneven terrain. The extra-wide seat accommodates larger riders’ unique requirements and takes the pressure off the sit bones and sensitive, soft tissue areas.

The Giddy Up! is easy to install and has a universal fit system that adapts to most saddle posts. The manufacturers claim the purchase is “Risk-Free” and that they will replace or refund unsatisfied customers, no questions asked.

Product Features

  • Two rubber balls under the seat provide enhanced shock absorption
  • LED tail lights provide safety at night or dusk
  • Easy to assemble
  • Both memory foam and gel-foam cushioning
  • Extra-wide seat to relieve pressure points
  • Risk-free refund and return policy
  • Waterproof seat cover included
  • CR2032 battery included for LED lights
  • Wrench and Allen key, plus e-book

Customer reviews

The reviews of the Giddy Up! bike seat was overwhelmingly in favor of the comfort of the seat even over long-distance rides. Most of the reviewers were plus-sized and found the seat a wonderful change to standard seats.

Several users complained that the battery life was short on the CR2032 format and that the entire seat had to removed to change the batteries.


The Giddy Up! saddle (learn more) is a high-quality saddle and perfect for larger rider’s requirements. The widened seat with both gel and memory foam protects from the saddle pains larger people experience on standard bike saddles.

Despite the battery life and battery housing issues, the Giddy Up! bike seat remains a contender in the extra-wide saddle market.

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5. The Sunlight Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

The Sunlight Cloud 9 suspension cruiser saddle is the epitome of comfort with a specially designed dual-density gel that conforms to your shape with ease. The extra-wide 10.5-inch seat offers pressure and pain-free ride for men and women of larger size.

The chrome coil springs offer great suspension over bumpy terrain and protect the rider’s sit bones and spine from vibration and shock. The universal design ensures that the seat will fit most standard saddle posts and the seat is a breeze to install.

Product features

  • Comes with side bearing clamps
  • Chrome coil springs for smooth riding
  • Dual-density foam gel cushion
  • Extra-wide dimensions to fit larger riders
  • Durable and water-resistant materials
  • Protective bumpers prevent wear and tear
  • Installs easily on most saddle posts

Customer Reviews

The customer feedback regarding Sunlite Cloud 9 was positive with many reviewers expressing pleasure at the comfort of the saddle. There was some confusion regarding the “gel” aspect of the seat, with users claiming that the gel tag was misleading. Users stated that the cover is foam and not gel. 

The larger users found that this saddle increased their distance considerably when cycling due to the smooth suspension and seat comfort.


The Sunlite Cloud 9 Suspension Cruiser is a well-designed saddle that provides comfort and the chrome coil suspension absorbs shock well. The seat is soft but firm enough to offer the support necessary to protect the rider’s spine. The set is wide enough to relieve pressure on the sit bones but allows enough space for ample leg motion.

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6. ACCOT Wide Bike Saddle (Waterproof)

With a short nose and ample wing design, the Accot wide bike saddle is designed to provide comfort for plus-sized riders. The high-density memory foam-padding adapts to individual body contours and distributes weight evenly across the saddle.

The non-slip and non-scratch PU leather covers are waterproof, ensuring that you get to ride no matter what the weather dictates.

The dual spring suspension cushions the rider against the jolts and bumps of uneven terrain and prevents saddle soreness. The saddle boasts high respiration features and has been designed to relieve pressure in the sensitive, perineal area.

The saddle is easy to install and adapts to stationary bikes, city bikes, and spin bikes equally well.The manufacturers offer an 18-month guarantee on any quality-related issues and a 30-day full refund if the buyer is not happy with the purchase.

Product Features

  • High-density memory foam padding
  • A short nose and wide wings with a central channel design
  • Durable waterproof PU leather cover
  • Dual-spring suspension
  • Mounting tools and saddle adaptor included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Available with tail light in A02 model
  • 18-month warranty for quality-related issues

Customer Reviews

Most reviews of the Accot wide saddle were positive, especially regarding the comfort and support of the seat design. Larger users felt that the saddle had extended their biking time considerably by eliminating most of the pain factors found in other saddles.

There were a few complaints that the noses of the seat have an upward incline that may be uncomfortable for male riders. A customer suggested that it helps to alter the angle of the seat downward to prevent this from happening.

Some riders felt that the saddle allowed too much side to side motion when pedaling that made the rider feel less secure on the seat.


The Accot wide bike saddle is a high-quality saddle that has great design features to accommodate larger riders. The seat also looks well designed and sleek and less bulky than the usual wide bike saddles.

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7. Gincleey Comfort Bike Seat for Women/Men

The Gincleey comfort bike seat has widened and thickened high-density memory foam for superior comfort. With dual spring anti-shock rubber ball suspension, the bumps and jolts of uneven terrain are a thing of the past. 

The wide seat and narrower nose area of the seat, plus-size riders have all the support for their behinds and the space to move their legs freely while cycling. The hollow center design makes the seat more breathable and easy to dry.

Reflective red strips on the seat enhance safety at night and the saddle is covered in a durable PU leather finish. The universal fit makes this replacement saddle adaptable to both stationary bikes and mountain and road bikes.

Product features

  • Ergonomic design with a hollow center for breathability
  • Quality high-density memory foam padding for comfort
  • Dual spring rubber ball suspension to absorb shock
  • Easy installation with mounting tools included
  • Durable, wear-resistant cover
  • Red reflective strip for safety

Customer reviews

The customer reviews were highly positive regarding the comfort of the saddle. A few comments were posted by larger male customers who felt that the seat was too narrow.

Several customers did mention that although they liked the saddle they were disappointed that the reflective element of the seat was merely a stick-on, not part of the seat itself.


The Gincleey comfort bike seat is a highly rated and good quality saddle with the features necessary to make riding an enjoyable experience. The saddle is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The selling point for this saddle is that the narrowed nose allows the rider the option of moving forward for rigorous cycling, as well as providing great support to the buttocks when riding upright. 

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What should one look for in a wide bike saddle?


The most important thing to look for when finding a saddle to fit your body is the seat width and how well the seat provides support to your sit bones (ischial tuberosities.) It is important to choose a bike saddle appropriate for the type of riding you prefer.

Leisure riding

If you perform to sit upright when you pedal then your seat needs to be well padded without too much of a nose.

Road cycling

If you plan to vary your ride between more vigorous sprints and upright cruising, larger riders should choose a wide seat with a longer and narrower nose so that they have free leg movement if they choose to sit forward.


look for some padding but not too much. Make sure your seat material is durable and weather resistant.

Mountain biking

For the specialized nature of mountain biking, riders should seek a saddle with good suspension and padding that also has a  streamlined design.

What is the maximum weight that a bike can hold?

Generally, as a rule of thumb, most bikes are designed for people under 220 pounds in body mass but this is dependent on such factors as wheels, tires, and other compositional elements of the bicycle.

If you are heavier than 220 pounds, it is advisable to have a bike customized out of a stronger material such as Chromoly. If customizing is out of your price range, there are standard bikes made to hold heavier weights. To be safe, it is advisable to ensure that there is no weight limit included in the warranty.

What can an overweight person do to alleviate saddle pain? 

Beyond finding a seat that is the right fit for you, there are other ways a plus-sized person can do to help prevent pains from cycling.

  • Make sure you are properly dressed (padded cycling shorts can make a huge difference)
  • Use anti-chaffing cream or gel 
  • Use a helmet with a well-ventilated design to prevent overheating
  • Keep at it! The more your body becomes accustomed to cycling, the less you will feel pain.

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