8 Best Cycling Gloves For Hand Numbness for 2023

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Big things often come in small packages, and this holds true for cycling gloves. Although small, they are an important and inevitable part of your cycling gear. If you are a regular rider then I am sure you have experienced that feeling of numbness on your hands when you ride in cold weather or on rough terrains.

When you suddenly realize that your hands are numb and you can’t control the bike properly, it’s the worst feeling ever. To avoid this unfortunate situation, you should make sure that you wear a pair of good quality cycling gloves when embarking on a long mountain biking trip.

Besides a warm jacket and pants, you must also invest in a pair of sturdy and padded gloves to keep your hands warm and comfortable when riding in winter. After all most of the controls such as operating brake levers and shifting gears are on your fingertips so they should not get numb.

As the summer sets in, many cyclists tend to leave the gloves home when they embark on a road trip. However, this is a beginner’s mistake because the gloves do more than just keeping your hands warm in cold days. They also wick away moisture, protect palms from chaffing, and improve grip on handlebars.

If you are taking on the rough terrains, the cycling gloves are all the more important to protect you from injuries in case you fall. Having said how essential they are to complete your cycling outfit, let’s not forget that there can’t be a one-size-fits-all type of gloves. 

What suits someone may not be right for the other, hence we reviewed dozens of cycling gloves to help to choose the best among them. We have selected these based on their specifications, custom reviews, and comparison with other products. Read on to find our detailed and unbiased reviews.

If you don’t have the time to go through all the reviews until the end, we suggest that you opt for the Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove (learn more) for its soft and durable shell, gel-foam padding, breathability, and enhanced visibility at night time.

For women we recommend the LuxoBike MTB Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves as it comes with superior anti-skid pads, extra padding, breathable mesh, and towel fabric for easy wiping. It does a great job of absorbing the shock and subduing vibration to prevent fatigue from setting in.

#1. Giro DND Gloves

The DND Gloves from the house of Giro brings you a perfect blend of durability, fit, and control. It boasts a cuffless and slip-on design that allows the rider to move his wrists without any restriction. Besides the great fit hugging your hands, the upper portion is made from stretchy mesh to allow the heat to escape. The perfectly articulated cutout in the thumb, index and middle finger area minimizes bunching and keeps finger movements free. Despite being made of stretchable material, it does not get frayed or ripped easily.

The palm area of the gloves is properly reinforced especially in the high-wear areas to prevent any wear and tear. We love the design of the gloves made sturdy with wraparound reinforced on the index and middle fingers areas and toughened leather on the wrist opening. Due to its superior built, design, and construction, the DND gloves are considered as one of the favorites among the trail riders and road cyclists alike. The gloves come in many attractive color combination for those who want to keep the style factor up.

Product and specifications

  • Measures 9 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • Synthetic material
  • Moisture-wicking stretchable fabric
  • Breathable mesh
  • Highly absorbent microfiber
  • Reinforced fingertips
  • Flex zones at knuckles
  • Super engineered three-panel design
  • 2mm EVA crash pads

User/ Customer reviews

Both mountain bikers and road cyclists are in love with this beautiful pair for its attractive design, padding, and comfort. Users like the fact that they do not come with Velcro straps which prevents it from sticking to everything. People appreciate the fact that in case of accidents and falls, the gloves take the brunt without letting your hands get impacted. Another aspect users absolutely love is that you can machine wash these gloves and they come out clean like new.


People feel that Giro DND Gloves (shop now) is a perfect day to day pair of cycling gloves for long trips as well as short rides around the town. Their sturdiness and breathability make them one of the best gloves money can buy. Overall, a great choice.

#2. FIRELION Cycling Gloves Bike Bicycle Gloves

A professional biker’s look is incomplete until you wear a pair of high-quality cycling gloves and this one by FIRELION is a great choice. Made from predominantly nylon material, the gloves have gel foam padding across the palm, particularly in the impact zones. This helps to easily absorb the shock and gives you relief from any kind of hand fatigue and reduces the impact of road vibration. It gives you maximum coverage and comfort while riding. The use of reinforced synthetic leather on the palm area further helps in minimizing the feeling of numbness in cold weather.

These multifunctional cycling gloves can also be worn on a hot day as they are made from a mix of lycra, mesh, spandex, and terry cloth. The use of these materials makes the gloves breathable and comfortable to wear even in summer. They give a snug fit to your hands without being too tight, allowing you to easily use the touchscreen of mobile devices without having to take off the gloves every time. The adjustable straps allow you to adjust the degree of tightness and secure the wrists well. We are pleased to find that the manufacturer stands behind the product with a one-year full replacement warranty on manufacturing defects.

Product features and specifications

  • Made from 100% Nylon
  • Machine cold wash
  • Touch recognition
  • Multifunctional and breathable
  • Durable gel palm
  • Anti-slip and shock-absorption technology
  • Adjustable straps and absorbent microfiber
  • 1-year full replacement warranty

User/ Customer reviews

Cyclists love how well they fit into their hands and feel soft and comfortable both in the cold days and also when it gets hot outside. Users are impressed with the kind of grip it gives you on the handlebars and absorption of shock. The ability to easily machine wash the gloves is also appreciated by the bikers who get it dirty every time they embark on a road trip. A few customers have said that the size was smaller than what they expected.


When you look at the padding on the palm area, it appears like a sci-fi object out of the world of Star Wars. Besides the impressive looks, the gel padding, durable, and breathable material, it also provides a great performance. Overall, we think these full-finger gloves are a good investment for your safety and comfort on the road.

#3. Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove

Some people just don’t like the feeling of full finger closed and for them, we have selected the Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Glove. These half-finger gloves are made from superior-grade, soft, and durable synthetic leather with gel foam padding for enhanced comfort and grip. It also has a soft and low-profile surface on the thumb area to wipe the nose and forehead. Besides being a protective gear against cold in the winter days, the mesh palm also helps in reducing perspiration and overheating by giving you cooling benefits.

The U-Bridge gel pads are strategically and anatomically positioned on the palms to reduce the impact of shock and protect the wrist nerves for riding comfort. It also does a good job of minimizing hand numbness. The white fabric on the top also works as a sun protection to repel the ultraviolet rays. Furthermore, the polyester fibers provide a multistep cooling to give the much-needed relief in the conditions of heat and humidity. The tab open and closure gives you a snug fit and also helps with easy removal.

Product features and specifications

  • Gel–Foam padding
  • Synthetic leather palm
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Soft, low-profile wiping surface
  • Nerves protection
  • Lightweight and good grip
  • Good comfort and breathable

User/ Customer reviews

People love how sturdily this pair of half finger cycling gloves are designed with the ability to absorb sweat and even wick moisture to keep your hands comfortable. Cyclists appreciate that it does not interfere with the ability to get a grip on the handlebars and operate any other controls. Another much-appreciated feature of the gloves is their visibility at night which adds another feather in the cap. They are bright and clearly visible from far.


If you are a passionate biker who likes to ride often and cover long distances regardless of the weather outside, we suggest that you get a pair of Pearl Izumi men’s gloves (shop now). They are lightweight and sport a solid build and snug fit. Overall, this is a must-have for all serious cyclists.

#4. INBIKE Cycling Gloves Men

The gears of a mountain biker are slightly more rugged and strong than the casual road cyclists, and this holds true also for gloves. Here’s presenting another low-profile, short-fingered bike gloves from the house of INBIKE. Made from 100% polyester material, high-elastic lycra, and knitted mesh fabric, these gloves are both breathable and comfortable to wear. The extra amount of padding at the palm area helps with quick shock absorption, relieving pain and fatigue from riding for long hours. Thus, it makes riding a more relaxing and comfortable experience.

The inside fabric of the bicycle gloves is made from functional and durable terry cloth that easily wipes sweat. It comes with an easy V-shaped design hook and loop fastener closure at the wrist which can be adjusted easily to adjust the fit. The 5mm gel pads are wonderfully distributed throughout the palm in the pressure points to create a buffer layer and protection in case of an accident or fall. The mesh clothing at the back wicks away moisture and makes the hand feel cooler while riding.

Product features and specifications

  • Pull-tab enclosure
  • 100% Polyester
  • Anti- Slip and Breathable
  • 5MM Gel Pad
  • Short Fingered
  • Durable and functional
  • V-shaped design
  • Back mesh clothing
  • Low-profile hook and loop fastener

User/ Customer reviews

People who bought these gloves as an upgrade or improvement while making the transition from a beginner cyclist to an intermediate or professional bike rider were able to see the difference. Many mountain bikers have reported that these gloves saved their hands from getting badly injured in accidents. A few users have said that they think one size bigger gives a better fit while others feel that actual size fits them well and snug, without being uncomfortable.


If you are planning to start taking longer distances or explore the rougher terrains, it’s time to invest in a good quality cycling gear and these gloves fit in well. No matter how good a cyclist you are, you never know when you may have an accident and these gloves are one of the finest wearable protection. You will be glad that you bought them.

#5. ROVOS Women’s Light Non-Slip Half Finger Gel Pad Cycling Gloves

Women’s hands tend to be smaller and thinner than men, hence we need a specially designed pair of gloves for female cyclists and the ROVOS Women’s gel pad cycling gloves look like a great option. Made from materials like charcoal fiber, lycra, polyester, silicon, and spandex spanning across the hand, it provides high-quality comfort and protection in case of a fall. The gel padding placed strategically on the palm area reduces road vibrations and eases the pressure points, while the soft microfiber on thumb allows you to wipe sweat off the glasses and face. It also comes with a magic sticker closure to give you a good fit.

The seamless construction of these gloves aims at providing exceptional comfort for covering long distances. The hook and loop closure can be adjusted as per your convenience to give you a snug fit and better grip on the handlebars. There are pull buckles on the fingertips to make it easier to wear and take off the gloves when needed. Available in different sizes ranging from small to large, there’s a right fit for all women out there. Besides preventing hand numbness while cycling, these gloves can also be used for other outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, riding, and camping to name a few.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 7.5 x 6.7 x 0.8 inches
  • Magic sticker closure
  • Hook & loop
  • Prevents sweaty palms, blisters, and injuries
  • Half Finger Cycling Gloves
  • Wash below 30°C
  • 15% Silicone, 60% Polyester, 20% Spandex, 5% PU
  • Available in S, M, L, and XL sizes

Users/ Customers

Cyclists who like to ride even in chilly winter mornings have said that the gloves saved them from hand numbness and many reported that it protected their hands during a fall. People also find these gloves breathable and light for the summer time. A few users have warned that the size chart provided in the website is slightly confusing. Some people have highly appreciate the customer service for promptly replacing damaged products.


These women’s cycling gloves are perfectly padded in the right places to protect your hand from any kind of impact in case of an accident. It also keeps the hands cool and comfortable when riding for longer distances. Overall, we feel that this pair of gloves is just what you need to complete your cycling outfit.

#6. VEBE Women Biking Cycling Gloves

You may be a highly trained cyclist or a professional rider who never has an accident, but the gloves are multipurpose, hence you should never ignore them. The VEBE women’s biking gloves are one of the best in the market and they are made of breathable lycra material to ensure that you don’t get sweaty palms in hot weather. It comes with a thick thumb protector to reduce thumb injuries in case of a fall and there is firm gel padding on the right places to resist abrasion, avoid calluses, and prevent and hand numbness in cold weather. It has nylon fabric at the backside for more comfort and it helps in wicking moisture.

The multipurpose gloves come with a soft microfiber towel on the thumb area to allow you to wipe sweat from your face and glasses. It comes with a Hook & Loop adjustment to help you get the right fit and it also makes it much easier to take off the gloves. The manufacturer provides a sizing chart to help the customers choose their right size. If you still receive an item that is smaller or bigger or for then you can get them replaced without any questions asked.

Product features and specifications

  • Made from nylon fabric
  • Thicken thumb protector
  • Non-Slip Shockproof
  • Silica Padding
  • Easy removable loop
  • Thumb protector
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Elastic wrist stick

User/ Customer reviews

Most people who have bought this have said that the beefy cushions prompted them to take the decision. Buyers also like the grippy strips, reflective prints, and excellent fit that enables them to have a good grip on the handlebars and the short fingers allow them to use the mobile phone touchscreen with ease. People with great love for both road cycling and mountain biking find these a great fit, but some users have warned that the size may not be what they seem.


These are cute and comfortable pair of gloves with the right padding to protect your hands from any injuries, fatigue or pain. Overall, this is multipurpose gloves that also works as a towel to wipe off sweat. Although slightly more expensive that competitor products, we feel that these products are worth the money spent.

#7 NICEWIN Touch Screen Cycling Gloves for Women

If you are looking for a pair of thermal biking gloves that not only provide warmth but also give you a sleek and stylish look then check this out from the family of NICEWIN. This full-finger bike gloves are made from high-quality nylon fabric and have anti-skid silicone pad on the palm area for a better grip, protection, and safety. Equipped with SBR shock absorber, these thermal gloves absorb any road vibration and shock while preventing road numbness and fatigue.

The gloves comprise of a windproof surface layer and anti-UV functions that provide extra warmth. The inner walls composed of a breathable fused fleece lining that makes the gloves soft and skin friendly. It also has a sensitive touch screen fabric on the thumb and forefingers to make it easier to use the mobile phone without removing gloves. The elastic cuffs help in adjusting the fit and keep your hand warm and snug in winter. Besides mountain biking, it is also suitable for other outdoor activities.

Product features and specifications

  • Skid resistant
  • SBR shock absorber
  • Anti-UV processes
  • Durable nylon fabric
  • Composite Fleece Fabric
  • Shock protection
  • Touch screen
  • Elastic tightening
  • Versatile, Snug and Stylish

User/ Customer reviews

People find it a perfect fit for cold weather bike riding because the fingers can easily work on a touch screen, eliminating the need to remove the gloves every time. Cyclists were able to avoid hand numbers, get a better grip on the handle bar and keep the hands warm without sweating inside. A few customers have reported that the size was too big for their hands.


As the name already suggests, these full finger cycling gloves are designed in a way to help you use the touchscreen of your mobile phone without removing it. So, if you need to check the location or map while embracing on a long biking trip, these can be a good investment.

#8. LuxoBike MTB Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves for Women

The bright use of colors in this pair of mountain biking gloves make them stand out from the crowd and one of our favorites too. If you seek fashion along with functionality then the LuxoBike MTB Gloves (learn more) is a great option. Made from micro suede on the palm area and elastic spandex at the back, they offer a snug and comfortable fit to the rider. It provides the much-needed warmth in winter and prevents hand numbness, and the breathable moisture wicking fabric keeps your hands dry.

There is extra cushion padding and wear-resistant microfiber in the palm area to give you a good grip on the handlebars and prevent any blisters. It minimizes skidding and saves your hands from getting scratched or injured. It also absorbs shock and road vibration to ensure that fatigue does not set in during longer rides. This helps in increasing your time spent on the saddle. You will be able to answer calls on your mobile phone with the gloves on and also use your thumb/ index finger to activate the touchscreen.

Product features and specifications

  • Antiskid Shock Absorbing Pad
  • Both men and women
  • Breathable Snug Fit
  • Lycra mesh clothing
  • Soft Absorbing Thumb Towel
  • Micro Suede Palm for better grip
  • Hook and Loop pull tab closure

User/ Customer reviews

Customers have said that these cycling gloves offer a great fit without feeling uncomfortable and also leave room for movement. People belonging to colder regions are extremely happy with their purchase as the gloves provide full finger protection. Users also appreciate the lightweight of the gloves that hardly feels like you have anything on, and it slides out as easily as it goes in.


If you are planning to make the transition from a beginner cyclist to an intermediate rider then you need a pair of gloves that help to keep the jolt out when you travel longer distances on rough terrains. Overall, we feel this is one of the necessary investments you must make to become a better bike rider, raring to go out even when it’s freezing cold outside.

Buying Guide: Causes Of Numbness On The Bike

For a passionate biker, bad weather or a challenging terrain cannot be an excuse to sit and home and cancel the road trip, However, going unprepared can take a toll on your performance and health too. Numbness often starts with a tingle in the toe, and before you realize, it spreads across your hands, legs, foot, groin, and back. Here are a few reasons of numbness and their cure.


It may set-in the hands due to various reasons such as road vibration, tension in the shoulders, or stretching too much to reach the handlebar. Riding in very cold temperature may also result in your hands going numb due to the cold.

Beginners often find it hard to relax their grip causing a lot of stress in the arms and shoulders. You must learn to relax your grip and change your hand positions in a long ride. To combat the effect of road vibration and freezing temperatures, you must use good quality hand gloves mentioned above.


If you experience pain and numbness in the toes or feet then this could be due to ill-fitting cycling shoes, extremely tight closures or cleat placement. As a cure, you must invest in good quality cycling shoes that fit your well and leave enough room for movement too.

You need to pay attention to various factors such as toe box, width, comfort of the closure, height of the upper section before choosing a pair of cycling shoes. Make sure the cleat placement is properly aligned with the bike pedal to avoid numbness.


Cyclists often complain about saddle numbness caused in the groin area. This mainly happens due to the compression of blood cells and nerves, resulting in obstruction of blood flow to the perineal area. If you have a badly fitting saddle in your cycle or you don’t alternate your sitting positions, this can result in numbness.

To get rid of this, you must find the right fitting and comfortable saddle instead of switching to a bigger size. Your sitting position may also be responsible for putting pressure on certain parts of the body, resulting in numbness. Ideally, most of your body weight should fall on the bones instead of the soft tissues. Getting a good quality cycling shorts can also help in easing out the pressure in these parts.


If a saddle is poorly fitting, this can put excess weight on the blood vessels and nerves, causing your lower parts of the body to go numb. We would suggest that you consider changing the saddle, improving your sitting position and investing in better quality cycling gear to overcome this issue.

Even after making the necessary changes and adjustments, if you still feel numbness in the legs, there could be iliac artery impingement. If proper rest and maintaining a relaxed position while riding fails to solve the problem then you must consider seeing a doctor immediately.

Related Questions

How to clean cycling gloves?

The cycling gloves tend to get dirty after every long road trip and more so if you had a fall. To clean them, first close the Velcro or other fasteners. Next, wash the gloves in a tub of cool water and use a mild detergent or soap to remove dirt and stains. If the gloves are smelly due to sweating, add a little white vinegar to the water while rinsing.

What happens when you wear ill-fitting gloves?

An ill-fitting pair of gloves may make your hand skid and find it difficult to get a good grip on the handlebar. It may also cause the padding to fall in the wrong places, resulting in pressure on the nerves. Thus, you must measure your hand correctly and choose the right size when ordering gloves online.

How to measure your hand to get the right size?

You must measure your hands correctly to order the right size of gloves and to do this correctly, you will need a measuring tape. Start from the tip of your middle finger and measure until the crease in your wrist, the middle fold line when you bend your hands backward and forward. Also, use the tape to measure the widest part of your hands.

Can you get numbness in your hands from wearing gloves?

Yes, some people may experience discomfort and often numbness due to wearing ill-fitting gloves. One of the biggest issues come in the form of wrist closures. Cyclists tend to fasten them very tightly causing undue pressure in the wrist, obstruction the blood flow in the vessels.

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