6 Best Floor Pumps For Mountain Bikes for 2023

Best Floor Pump For Mountain Bike

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The bike pumps are one of the most indispensable parts of cycling and you can’t go too far without them, yet they don’t get their due credit. It won’t be wrong to call them the unsung heroes. Whether you use a mini pump or a heavy-duty floor pump in your cycle garage, they both perform the same function and that is to inflate your cycle tires. 

The biggest advantage of using a floor pump is that it does the job much faster and with much more accuracy than you can expect from a mini pump. While the mini-pumps serve great to make quick fixes on the long trips due to their portability, the floor pumps are what to optimize the tire pressure for your next tires.

Every professional cyclist needs a few essentials in his workshop or garage, and a floor pump certainly comes first in the list. If you are looking for the best floor pump for mountain bikes, you will be spoilt for choices with a wide range of options available online. We have taken the stress out of your shopping by creating a list of top-rated floor pumps.

We have spent hours studying, analyzing and comparing dozens of floor pumps designed for mountain bikes, and shortlisted a few based on different parameters. Read on to find unbiased reviews of the best products we have chosen for you.

If you are in a hurry, we suggest that you opt for the Topeak Joe Blow Max HP Pump, a high quality pump that comes with a twin head design for Presta and Schrader valves. The manufacturer also offers replacement parts for free.

#1. Lezyne Classic Floor Drive Track Pump

The Lezyne Classic Floor Drive pump (learn more) comes with an aluminum base, steel barrel and a premium wooden handle that provides an ultra-comfortable feel in the hand. The pump works for all types of bikes, including the models that have Presta and Schrader valves.

The Classic Floor Drive comes with an oversized gauge that helps you set the pressures accurately. We are impressed with Lezyne’s Air Bleed System (ABS) chuck that enables easy and effortless attachment to the valve stems. It comes with a simple button mechanism that allows easy pressure release.

Lezyne’s pump also includes an extra-long -strength hose and the hard-wearing anodized polish finish gives it a nice appearance. This is a durable and efficient tool for any professional cyclist’s workshop or mechanic’s garage.

Product features and specifications

  • Maximum Pressure: 220psi/15bar
  • CNC machined Aluminium
  • Works with Presta and Schrader valves
  • ABS-1 Pro chuck equipped
  • Large 3.5 ” precision gauge
  • Anodised high-polish finish
  • Extra-long, high-strength hose

User/ Customer reviews

People are impressed with the solid construction of the Lezyne’s floor pump, and most people feel that screwing and unscrewing the fitting takes hardly 30 seconds. Users have mentioned that they are amazed at how less gas is lost during the attachment process.

Cyclists are also happy with the air pressure that inflates the tires super quick and the gauge is easy to read for most people. Many people have also reported that pumping gas is also easy.


This is a well-made floor pump that sports a durable exterior and can be easily switched between Presta and Schrader valves in just 30 seconds. At this price, this is a great tool for anyone who has more than one bike and a fixed station base.

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#2. Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV Mini Pump

This micro floor pump from the house of Lezyne is almost similar in size to a portable frame pump, but it is still larger than most of the frame pumps out there. This tool functions as a mini-sized floor pump, hence it’s called the floor drive, and cyclists who prefer a miniature pump find it extremely useful.

The whole pump is extremely lightweight, weighing about half a pound which makes sit easily transportable but don’t expect much stability from its base. The pump head sports a similar design as its kin, but has a compact shape with a flip-thread chuck built into the side.

The chuck can be easily screwed and unscrewed within seconds to flip around and switch between Presta or Schrader valves. It comes with a 24-inches air hose that is shorter than any full-size pump, but it’s not that bad if you consider the overall height of the mini-pump.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 205 g
  • 300mm Long
  • CNC machined aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic aluminum handle
  • Works with Presta and Schrader valves
  • 3mm diameter stainless steel foot peg
  • High volume design, 90 psi max
  • Comes with or without Pressure Gauge

User/ Customer reviews

Most users have said that although it’s small in size, the fit and finish is great, plus the performance is more like a regular mountain bike pump, instead of a typical mini pump. Cyclists love the fact that the pump has a built-in gauge that allows the MTB tires to be inflated with high pressure for commuting with ease.


Despite being a mini pump, it is well-engineered to function as a regular floor pump and helps you accomplish the task of inflating tires easily. If you have portability is your mind, but you seek a performance better than regular pumps then we recommend the Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV mini pump.

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#3. Topeak Joe Blow Max HP Pump

This comes across as an affordable mountain bike pump that has all the characteristics of the more expensive pumps. It features a double-sided twin head which is capable of perfectly fitting all types of valves. The big barrel provides massive pumping power, as it is capable of pushing a lot of air.

In just 15 strokes, you can get a pressure of 100psi, which is good enough to inflate any mountain bike tires. It boasts a maximum capacity of 160 psi. With heavy-duty construction, the HP pump promises to provide several years of service.

The big and yellow gauge provides accurate reading to the users, although the assembly appears to be slightly delicate. The hose is slightly shorter than other pumps, but the flexible mount eliminates some of the issues.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 12.7 x 24 x 68cm
  • Weighs 1.39kgs /3.06lbs
  • Twin Head design
  • Painted Steel barrel
  • Base Mount Analog
  • Oversize Padded
  • Works with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop

User/ Customer reviews

It appears that most users are thrilled with their Topeak bike pump as it works as expected and does not slip off the valve when trying to inflate a tire. People have also reported that the pump has a long life cycle and most importantly, Topeak offers replacement parts for free.


This may not be the toughest track pump out there, but the Topeak Joe Blow Max HP Pump (learn more) deserves a mention for its durable construction and efficient performance. At nearly half price of its competitors, you get huge pumping power and enhanced durability.

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#4. Topeak Joe Blow Booster Track Pump

With this Topeak pump, you can easily install tubeless tires and inflate the tires comparatively quicker to get an effective rim seal. It comes with a built-in aluminum air chamber that can store an air charge of about 160 psi capacity to fill in the tires fast when needed.

When the tire is mounted, you can select the ‘inflate’ mode to pump air quickly and directly into the tire. The product enables you to fine-tune pressure in the same way as a standard pump. It includes a top-mounted gauge that is easy to read and use.

The Topeak track pump comes with an air release button and a much comfortable Kraton grip for better handling. It also comes with an extra-long hose and steady base which makes it easy to mount any bike tire with ease.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 74 x 25 x 18.5cm
  • Weighs 2.9kg
  • Hose dock
  • Anodised Aluminium material and steel base
  • Air release button
  • SmartHead and long hose
  • 160 psi, top mount analogue
  • Works with Schrader and Presta valves

User/ Customer reviews

People who have got this pump have said that it works great for mountain bike tires. Users have reported that the connector head is well-built and much easier to use than other similar products. Customers have also said that this is their go-to pump for both work and trail use.


If you are looking for a dual-function pump that works to inflate tires and also to install tubeless tires than the Topeak Joe Blow Booster Track Pump is a good choice. Although expensive, we feel that this is a high-quality pump that replaces the need for an air compressor to fill the air in tubeless tires.

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#5. LifeLine AirBlast Tubeless Tyre Track Pump

When you want to pump up your tubeless tires onto the wheel rims, one of the best options available out there is the LifeLine AirBlast pump. It really works like an ardent cyclist’s lifeline to put you back on the mountain trails or roads in no time.

The track pump is made from high-quality alloy and comes with an auto-select head that works with both Schrader and Presta valves. It stores pressurized air in order to inflate the tubeless tires. It also includes a top-mounted pressure gauge that is easy to read

We love the speed at which you can inflate the tires using this track pump. You just need to close the valve and pump it up to 240psi or the maximum rating for your tire. You may then release the valve in order to seat the tire and deflate it back to your preferred riding pressure.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 2.27kg
  • Measures 68 X25 X 17 cm
  • Durable alloy construction
  • Stores pressurized air
  • Top-mounted gauge
  • Works with Presta or Schrader valves
  • Max pressure of 240psi

User/ Customer reviews

Users have mentioned that the all-aluminum construction of the pump feels very sturdy and it firmly locks over the valve to quickly inflate tires with less pumping and minimum loss of air. Users have said that it takes about 10-15 pumps to fill a chamber or tank with air. A few users have said that it is difficult to achieve a precise pressure point due to the wide range.  


This pump works great every time for the tubeless tire setup. If you change tubeless tires without compressor then this is a must-have for you. Overall, we feel that this product delivers an impressive price to performance ratio.

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#6. SKS Rennkompressor MV Head Track Pump

If you own a racing bike and are looking for the highest quality track pump then check out this one from the house of SKS Rennkompressor. It is a number one choice for bike workshop workers and professional race mechanics across the world.

We love the reliability of Rennkompressor’s track pump that works spot-on every time. Made from the finest materials, the pump boasts world-class construction with a heavy-cast iron base, stainless-steel feet, steel tubing, and wooden handle.

The iconic pump comes with a legendary orange finish which reminds us of the original Rennkompressor pump. It boasts a maximum pressure of 230 psi and it has multiple valve compatibility for Dunlop, Presta, Schrader without leaking any air.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 2250 g
  • 650mm long
  • Capable of over 230psi
  • Beautifully handmade
  • Four-valve connector options
  • Four hose lengths
  • Spare part availability

User/ Customer reviews

Most people who have used the track pump have good things to say about the product. Users have reported that it feels solid and easily achieves air pressure of 160 psi with a few strokes, and almost no air leakage. Customers have said that the look and feel of the pump suggests that it should last for a lifetime.


In theory, the Rennkompressor classic track pump is one of the most iconic pieces that money can buy. In practical life too, the product lives up to the expectations with amazing durability and enhanced performance. Overall, we feel that if you are looking for function, and don’t worry much about form then this is the best cycling kit out there.

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Related Questions

What is the difference between Schrader, Presta, and Dunlop valves?

You will find Schrader valves in a car tire, mountain bike tire, and kid’s bike tires. The valve is wider than the Presta counterpart. It is threaded at the end and wrapped in rubber. Presta valves are typically long and thin, with a tapered mouth at the top. The Dunlop valve is less common, and you will them mostly in Asian and European countries. They look like wider Presta valves.

What are the types of pump heads?

The track pump heads are versatile and some of the common types are twin, swappable, and adjustable. Twin styles have two heads for Presta and schrader valves. The Swappable style has all parts required to switch in order to inflate a Schrader or Presta valve. Adjustable styles automatically adjust in order to fit the different valve requirements.

What are high-pressure pumps and high-volume pumps

The high-pressure pumps are capable of pushing a small volume of air with each stroke, and they are best suited for the skinny road tires. For the thicker mountain bike tires, you need the high volume pumps that can move a large volume of air with a single stroke. You will need a high-pressure pump if you ride tire with pressures higher than 60 psi.

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