4 Best Mountain Bike Grips For Vibration for 2023

Best Mountain Bike Grips For Vibration

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Taking the route less traveled on your mountain biking trip may seem like the perfect recipe to get your adrenalin racing. However, traversing through rocky and rough terrains requires a good quality mountain bike with grips that let you ride for hours without feeling hand fatigue.

As the name suggests, the rubberized grips are fastened to the handlebars where you keep your hands. The best MTB grips are designed to keep you in full control while steering or maneuvering in difficult trails. They also reduce the impact of vibrations caused while riding on mountain trails.

Having a good pair of bike grips can save you from painful hands and give you more hours of happy and pain-free riding. So, if you are in the market looking for brand new grips for your bike then chances are you will be confused with a plethora of options available.

Just like the saddle, the grips are one of the most personalized parts of the bike as you hold them throughout your ride. Don’t forget that the ‘best’ for every rider may differ because every individual has different taste and preferences.

We have tested more than a dozen mountain bike grips available online, compared products and reviewed them extensively to come up with some of the most recommended ones. If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to read until the end, then we recommend the Nukeproof Horizon Endurance Grip (learn more) that goes well with different types of bikes in all weather conditions.

#1. DMR Brendog Death Grip (Flangeless)

If you dream of gliding through the ups and downs of a hilly terrain with complete control over your bike then we recommend the DMR Brendog Death Grip. Just as the name suggests, these are super sturdy and intense for downhill, endure, and mountain bike riders.

These flangeless death grips are designed after taking the feedback from Brendan Fairclough, a stylish pro freerider. Made from premium quality soft Kraton rubber, these grips not only give you a super-secure grip but also help you carve up the trails.

We love the all-weather knurl and waffle pattern that provides you with the option to mount the grips with any other grip you prefer on the top of bottom. It comes with a mushroomed inner thumb section that absorbs vibrations and shocks to keep your hands safe and happy.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 100g (pair)
  • Length 135mm (including lockring)
  • Flangeless grip design
  • Mushroomed thumb area
  • Pair of grips
  • Disperses shocks and vibrations

User/ Customer reviews

Cyclists are impressed with the tapered design and mushroomed section where you need it and skinnier in section where you don’t need. Other users have also said that the grips feel great, colors stay on and the riders did not feel hand pain after a long ride. A few customers have mentioned that the grips are hard to install on the handlebars. 


We recommend these handlebar grips because they are perfectly designed with cushion where you need it to protect your hand from shock and vibrations. As these grips come in thick and thin variations and in different colors too, you can find that best pair that goes with your bike.

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#2. Nukeproof Horizon Endurance Grip

The Horizon Endurance Lock-On Grips by Nukeproof (learn more) were developed after their collaboration with the best enduro pro and downhill riders. With their value feedback, the company has manufactured a wide range of grips with enhanced vibration control, comfort, and grip in different weather conditions.

The Endurance grips also come with a multidirectional and tapered pattern capable of providing a cushioning effect to the main areas. With gloves or without them, you will experience a consistent and comfortable grip even when you are going harder on it.

The Horizon grip comes with lockrings on either end to ensure that they stay on place without moving. Even if your bike jumps and bumps on rocky terrain, these grips will maintain its secure connection with the handlebars. The asymmetrical inner flange provides optimum support without interrupting with your access to the shifters.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 130g (pair)
  • Length 143mm
  • Outer diameter 31.5-33mm (tapered)
  • Dual locking mechanisms
  • A25 Kraton Soft Rubber Compound
  • Trail, all-mountain, enduro, downhill, and freeride

User/ Customer reviews

People are happy to find that they are able to use the grips without any gloves and if they get dirty, a quick wash can make them as good as new. Most users have said that the grips look great, are sturdy, install easily, and are soft but not jelly-like. A few customers have said that the lock on the cap had to be tightened to prevent rattling and metal ends save the grips from ripping.


These grips are well-built using A25 Kraton rubber to give you an amazing grip and loan life. Within budget, you get a non-fancy but highly functional pair of grips that can be fitted to all types of bikes to enhance your performance.

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#3. Brooks England Slender Grips 2018

These Slender Grips from the house of Brooks England are designed to give you lasting comfort and add a quality appearance to your bike. They come with a lightweight and durable alloy core found at the center, and it is wrapped in vegetable-tanned leather, the same that is used for making saddles.

The bar tape comes with natural cork padding to further take comfort to another level.  It aids in dampening the worst vibrations and shocks on rough terrains. The padding takes the stress out of your palms and keeps them strain-free even after hours of bike riding.

Installing the grips over the handlebars and changing the bar tapes are also easily done by removing the end caps. We love the metal end that keeps the grips on the place over the handlebar without much rattling noise.

Product features and specifications

  • Brown – Aged, Brown – Honey
  • Comfortable leather tape
  • Cork padding
  • Fully serviceable
  • Alloy cores
  • Locking end caps
  • 130mm/130mm, 130mm/100mm, 100mm/100mm

Users/ Customer reviews

People are happy to find shorter size versions to perfectly fit with different size requirements. The various colors also come handy to blend with bikes of different colors. Customers are happy with the sturdy design and perfect cock padding that eliminates much of the vibration, stress, and pressure caused by riding on a rocky terrain.


When you want good quality padding on your handlebars but you don’t want it to look cheap or tacky then the Brooks England Slender Grips 2018 is a good choice. Besides enhancing the comfort level of your bike, it also adds oodles of sophistication and style to your vehicle.

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4. Race Face Grippler Lock-on Grips

They say a cyclist is known by the way he maintains his bike and anyone who wants this MTB to reflect his passion then the Race Face Grippler Lock-on Grips is a good choice. This exterior groovy design, rugged feel yet superior comfort of the grips makes your bike looks like it’s ready for an adrenalin-pumping ride.

These grips look great and you can use them with or without gloves to dampen the vibrations and socks when riding on rough terrain. The exterior of the grips are hard wearing and moisture-shedding, plus they feature a ramped profile on the side of fingers and varied depth towards the palm area.

As a passionate mountain biker or road racer, these Gripplers give you a kind of long gripping sensation that cyclists crave for. The dual lock rings further help the grips stay well-connected with the handlebars and provide a good hold without any rattling or slipping.

Product features and specifications

  • Size options 30mm, 33mm
  • Length 143mm
  • Blue, Magenta, Red, Yellow, Black, Turquoise, Gum, Green
  • Dual lock rings
  • Directional ramped logo underside
  • Proprietary compound
  • Vibration dampening
  • Hard-wearing and moisture-shedding

User/ Customer reviews

Cyclists have remarked that they love how these grips are both comfortable and perfectly grippy in the right places to help cyclists enjoy better performance. Users have highly praised the dual-lock on features that ensure that the grips stay secure in place and don’t slip out of the handlebars.


If you are looking for grips that are both stylish and highly functional to make your mountain bike look ready to face the challenges on a rocky terrain then check out the Race Face Grippler Lock-on Grips. With two sizes and different colors to choose from, you can definitely find something that will go well with your bike design.

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Things To Consider When Choosing A Pair Of MTB Grips

When you are in the market looking for the best pair of mountain bike grips, here are the four important things that you need to consider. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • Slide-On or Lock-On: There are two designs of bike grips. The slide-on grips are held in place over the handlebars with wire and glue, while the lock design comes with lockrings made of metal at the end.
  • Compound & Material: Most bike grips are made of rubber and the type of compound used provides a softer or harder grip. There are some grips that are also made from silicone material but they can be very grippy in a dry climate.
  • Profile, Shape and Length: You must choose a suitable grips profile depending on the shape and size of your hands. The thicker grips are much easier to hold and prevent hand pain. Long trail riders usually prefer thinner grips for more comfort.
  • Bar Plugs: Some grips are open at both ends so you need bar plugs to cover the open spaces at the end. A few slide-on grips come with closed ends having metal caps, so a bar plug may not be needed. It also doubles up as a safety feature in case of an accident.

Related Questions

Should I get the lock-on grips?

These grips are highly sought after as they provide a good grip even in wet conditions. When there are lockrings on both the sides, the grips stay firm over the handlebars without rattling or spinning. However, the one downside in a few models is minimal vibration dampening.

How to clean your mountain bike grips?

The bike grips can get dirty with sweat, mud, and debris over time. Cleaning it in regular intervals will not only make it last longer but also make your rides more comfortable. To clean a sticky pair of grips, use dishwashing liquid with a little banking soda, warm water, and old rag.

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