5 Best Mountain Bike Pants for Winter for 2023

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As a passionate biker, I have never feared bad weather or rough terrains before taking on the longest road routes or a hilly trail. I am proud to say that along with my group of ardent bikers, we have covered some of the most challenging terrains, often in freezing cold weather.

So, what is it that keeps us going despite the hurdles that the weather and difficult route throws at us? Well, it’s the right cycling outfit and gear. In this post, we will talk about the best mountain bike pants for winter that form one of the most essential and protective garments for any bike rider.

The riding trousers or bike pants are not lycra tights, but they are often made from similar materials that shorts are made from to give you comfort with protection and warmth. In the past few years, the riding trousers have undergone a lot of change in terms of tailoring technique and fabric technology.

They are no more looked upon as something that is reserved only for the downhill racers. You can find bike pants for winter and also for wet trail ride (waterproof pants). The bike mountain pants are no more heavy, thick, or clunky. Instead, they are made of stretchy breathable fabrics, slimmer knee pads, and vents.

Beginners often think why do they need to invest in mountain bike pants. Why can’t they wear their regular thermals, lycra pants, or just regular jeans? Well, it just takes one ride or maybe two in cold weather wearing a simple leg warmer or regular trousers to realize that they are not the ideal solution.

 MTB pants not only provide the much needed extra warmth but also acts as the first layer of protection from the muddy pellets flung by the fast action of wheels. They also defend you against any fern burn or gravel rash in case you accidentally fall.

If you are in the market looking for that perfect mountain bike pants for cold weather, the wide range of options available are sure to confuse you. We have spent several hours reviewing dozens of cycling trousers for winter and comparing them to make it easier for you to find the right product.

Those who are in a hurry to place an order can go with our editor’s top pick Sobike NENK Winter Pants Men Cycling Pants. Mad from a double-layer synthetic material, superior breathable, windproof and waterproof outer layer, these pants are perfectly cut and tailored for bikers taking the mountain trails.

#1. INBIKE Winter Fleece Windproof Thermal Pants

When cold weather does not deter you from embarking on a biking trip on the mountains, equip yourself with superior quality bike trousers such as the INBIKE Winter Fleece thermal pants. Made from 100% polyester material, this is a highly stretchable, breathable, comfortable and soft fleece pant designed to help you stay warm and comfortable while riding. The quick-drying and moisture-wicking feature ensures that your legs don’t get sweaty even when you pedal rigorously. As thermal winter pants, the fabric is windproof and to some extent waterproof too.

The trouser material exhibits a lotus leaf effect, which means that water drops do not get absorbed as the surface has a water-repellent coating. It comes with a high-elastic waistband that gives a perfect fit to your body and the extra knee spaces ensure that you pedal conveniently without feeling restricted. Just like windbreaker pants, these also have reflective stripes and logos to increase visibility at night and low-light conditions. Besides being a great pair of cycling pants, they can also be used for other outdoor activities such as jogging, running, hunting, or fishing.

Product features and specifications

  • Made from 100% Polyester
  • Quick-dry moisture-wicking fleece
  • Reflective stripes and logos
  • Thermal, breathable, and comfortable
  • Elastic waist with drawstring
  • Loose knee fit
  • Lotus leaf effect Water-resistant
  • Patched design for comfort

User/ Customer reviews

Users have said that these pants are perfectly cut out for cycling as they have that much needed extra space in the hips and knees to enable free movement. Although they may have a diaper-butt look, cyclists say that they highly appreciate the design when they encounter a hilly terrain. Customers have also appreciated the thermal fleece lining that keeps the legs warm even at -28 degrees. A few users have warned that the pants tend to be too warm for not-so-cold weather and too long in size.


If you are looking for comfort, warmth, and convenience, all rolled into a pair of trousers then it has to be the INBIKE Winter Fleece Windproof Thermal Pants (learn more). At this price, the kind of quality and durability you get from the product is beyond comparison. If you are a regular bike rider, these pants will last for long and prove to be a good value for money.

#2. Lixada Men’s Cycling Winter Thermal Mountain Bike Pants

Although we are mainly talking about the best mountain bike pants, I would like to include this cycling suit that comes with a perfect trouser and jacket. So, here you have a complete thermal set from the house of Lixada. Made from high-quality polyester fabric and thermal fleece lining, these windproof pants and jackets are designed to keep you comfortably warm in cold weather. We love the soft and stretchy material that offers a great fit while allowing easy movement while pedaling or handling of brakes and other controls.

Despite being windproof and thermal, these pants do not cause overheating because the breathable material has vents that keep your skin cool. You will also appreciate that the 3D pants come padded to relieve you from hip pain caused by long-distance riding. Both the jacket and pants come with reflective stripes to enhance your visibility when riding in low light conditions or night time. This perfect set of cycling garments also works great for other activities like running, swimming, hunting, snow hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Product features and specifications

  • Double layer protection
  • 3d padded cushioning
  • Warm, windproof and breathable
  • Comfortable and durable material
  • Soft and stretchy
  • Reflective stripes and logos
  • Cycling Jersey Suit
  • Thermal fleece lining

User/ Customer reviews

If you want to upgrade your mounting biking outfit and feel ready to take all challenges even in cold and freezing temperature then you must get the Lixada Men’s cycling bike pants. This set of pants and jersey are one of the best cycling outfits that money can buy to keep you riding comfortably in winter. Customers highly appreciate the unique 3D padding cushion that provides great relief during long rides. A few users have said that the pants are a bit baggy in fit but still, work well.


If you are looking for a reasonably priced jersey and bike pants set that you can wear while cycling in freezing temperatures, this one does a great job. Lixada men’s cycling trousers not only keep you warm and comfortable, but also manage to fit in your budget.

#3. Sobike NENK Winter Pants Men Cycling Pants

For professorial riders, the strong chilly winds and freezing temperatures are no excuses to stay at home so they need something sturdy to beat the cold. We have handpicked this Sobike NENK winter pants for men as one of our best collection of mountain bike trousers. Made from a mix of 85% polyester and 15% spandex materials, this pair of winter pants come with a soft fleece lining to keep your legs comfortable and warm in cold weather. They come with zipper leg opening and zippered pocket design to help you put on and take off easily.

The slim fit of the bike pants coupled with elastic fabric helps in cutting down the wind resistance to help you go faster while cycling. We are impressed with the tight stylish stitching and wrap-around design making these pants durable and fashionable at the same time. As the pants are made of breathable material, your legs don’t get too hot or sweaty during the ride. As a mark of perfect sportswear, these pants also include a reflective logo to improve visibility in poor or low light conditions.

Product features and specifications

  • Double-layer synthetic material
  • No cushion, used with cycling shorts
  • One zippered pocket on each side
  • Reflective logo on left side
  • Zippers on leg openings
  • Draping design on the knee
  • Wash in cool water, no dry cleaning
  • Slim and no-flappy leg fitting

User/ Customer reviews

Most people who have bought the pants find it extremely useful for the purpose for which it has been built as it provides warmth in cold temperature. Some users have said it can be slightly uncomfortable until the temperature falls below -5 degrees. Cyclists who have faced a wet and cold weather has said that the pants did not let water penetrate through the fabric, so they are not only windproof but water proof to some extent too. A few users have also mentioned that they are easy to clean with less effort.


If you are a professional mountain bike rider or an outdoor enthusiast who loves to go on adventures in any weather, the Sobike NENK Winter cycling pants (shop now) are a must have. We love the fact that these pants not only keep you warm but also repel water and keeps cold wind out.

#4. ROCKBROS Winter Cycling Pants

For the ardent mountain bikers, feeling that adrenalin rush when you ride through a bumpy terrain is like a life line that cannot be missed even in bad weather. So, with winter approaching it’s time to get ready to bear the brunt of chilly wind and freezing temperature with a high-quality ROCKBROS Winter Cycling Pants. Made from 92 percent polyester and only 8 percent spandex, these 3-layers thermal pants come with fleece lining inside to keep you comfortable in cold weather. Besides keeping you warm, the fabric is also windproof to protect you from the string winds in the mountains. It also includes a water-resistant coating for an unexpected winter shower.

We are highly impressed with the ergonomic designs and construction of the mountain bike pants, along with the 3D high-technology stitching. It comes with an adjustable elastic fabric on the waist for a better fit, and a special elastic fabric on the knee area for easy stretchability and tension-release while pedaling or enjoying other outdoor sports. The high reflective strips around the mountain bike pants enhance night visibility at night or low light conditions. There are pockets at the front to help you keep the essential items within easy reach.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 450 grams
  • 92% polyester and 8% spandex
  • 3-layers recycle thermal pants
  • Elastic knee design
  • Ergonomic construction and 3D tailoring
  • Adjustable elastic waist
  • Adjustable pant straps
  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • Available sizes S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL

User/ Customer reviews

People have said that these pants are really well-constructed and not like the tights – they fit well and keep your legs warm and comfortable to move freely. Users are happy that these pants not only protect from the wind but are also water repellant. A few users have said that these pants are advertised as breathable but they are not entirely so and you may get sweaty in a warmer climate. Some customers feel that the size runs a bit smaller and it’s better to order one size bigger than your usual.


When it comes to quality, the ROCKBROS cycling pants are as good as the bigger names in the market. You get all the useful features, comfort, and convenience at an affordable price. Overall, we feel this is a great choice for mountain bikers and other outdoor sports enthusiasts.

#5.BALEAF Men’s Fleece Athletic Sweatpants

Mountain biking requires a special pair of pants which is constructed differently than your regular trousers to give you the comfort, protection, and flexibility needed in the rough terrains. It is made up of a lining of soft fleece inside to provide long-lasting comfort and warmth. It does a great job of blocking the cold wind and keeping you warm when the temperature drops too low in the hilly regions. The MTB pants come with elastic waistband having inner drawstring to help you adjust the right fit.

These mountain bike pants feature front pockets with secured zippers to help you carry your essentials such as smartphones, keys, credit cards and so on. The areas around the knees, thighs, and back are specially tailored to give you more flexibility. The zippered ankle cuffs are specially designed to accommodate the ankle area and the boots to give you adjustable leg openings. For enhanced low light visibility, these pants have reflective elements that glow in the dark. 

Product features and specifications

  • Wind resistant
  • Water repellent to some extent
  • Soft fleece thermal lining
  • Adjustable draw strings
  • Leg zippers
  • Zippered ankle cuffs
  • Reflective stripes
  • Articulated knees
  • Gusseted crotch

User/ Customer reviews

People like that these pants come in many sizes so you can easily find something that suits your size and build. Users love their impressive looks and great construction, but some feel that these are not as breathable as they claim. While most customers have said that they are good at keeping you warm and also repels water to some extent, they can get hot due to lack of adequate moisture wicking properties.


The BALEAF Men’s bike pants for winter are well-constructed and they come at a great price. However, we strongly suggest using them when it’s very cold outside. If the weather is moderate cold or warm, you may end up feeling too hot or even get rashes. So, use them strictly as your winter cycling pants when the temperature falls too low.

5 Other Essential Wear For Mountain Biking In Winter

A thermal base, mid, and upper layer 

Wear a cotton vest and you will have it soaking wet after your first up-hill climb. So, invest in a well-insulating thermal vest or long sleeved tops made from moisture-wicking fabric. Put on a good quality thermal jersey with full sleeves as the mid layer, and use a waterproof/ windproof jacket as the outer layer.


A properly fitting helmet not only protects the head but also keeps it warm in the cold winter days. While it’s not recommended to wear any cap or hat under the helmet, some people like to wear thermal skullcaps to keep the head and ears warm. A neck warmer can also give you a layer of extra protection from cold winds.


As you ride through the shallow streams, puddles, or may be battle a light shower, your old pair of socks can soak water and make your feet terribly cold. Hence, we suggest getting a pair of waterproof socks made of merino wool that will keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable all day.


If you go bike riding in cold weather without proper protection for your hands, you can soon feel a sense of numbness take over your fingers, palm, and wrist. So, we suggest that you invest in a pair of properly insulated gloves that come with protective padding and easy grip. See more: 8 Best Cycling Gloves For Hand Numbness

Mountain bike shoes

Finally, do not forget the bike shoes specially constructed for cold weather. They come with properly insulated inner walls and sealed construction to ensure that your feet stay warm and dry inside the shoes. The upper layers are mostly made of breathable and waterproof material to ensure that your feet do not get sweaty on long rides and stays dry even in rain or a splash in the puddle.

Related Questions

Can you go mountain biking in Jeans?

Some people may feel that jeans are good enough to go mountain biking in winter. After all, they are made of thicker and rugged fabric. However, they may be good for a short ride, but not for long distances. To be comfortable, safe, and warm in longer rides, you need bike pants made from fabric that are moisture wicking, well-insulated and flexible.

Should I wear knee pads while mountain biking?

Sometimes bikers with injured knees tend to wear an extra layer of padding on the knees to protect them from impact on the rocky surfaces, from cuts, scratches, and scrapes in case of an accidental fall. If you have protective covering over your knees, this can boost your confidence, keep your knees warm and comfortable too.

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