6 Best Tires For Commuter Bikes for 2023

By Rachel Lee
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There was never a better time on Earth to start thinking about the environment and start using commuter bikes instead of motorbikes or cars to reach office or school. Having the best quality tires can make all the difference between how swiftly you move or you get stuck on the road with a flat tire.

However, please bear in mind that not all commuter tires are built as equal and they vary depending on the type of road you use, traffic, and the environment. Most tires that are designed for commuting provide enhanced comfort, good grip, and durability to face a variety of terrains.

When looking for tires, you will typically come across three choices – tubular, tubeless, and clincher. Tubular is for the professional roads as it provides performance benefits. The tubeless variety is growing in popularity for better traction, control, and comfort. Clincher tires are the most commonly used ones with tubes.

The three main parts that make up any commuter bike tire are casing, bead, and sidewall. Some of the other features include puncture protection, tire width, enhanced grip, wheel diameter, valve types, reflective sidewalls, fenders, and mudguards.

We know that it’s not easy to weigh the different options and consider the above factors to choose the best tires for a commuter bike. As a result, we have done the homework by reviewing more than a dozen commuter bikes and help you pick the most suitable one.

#1. Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire
#2. Continental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire
#3 Continental Contact Plus Travel Bike Tire#4. Kenda Tires K838 Commuter Tires#5. Continental Contact Speed Bike Tire#6. SCHWALBE Marathon Plus HS Wire Tire
Editor’s ChoiceGreat For All Around UseGreat For All Around UseBudget TireBest for Urban and CountryHigh Puncture Resistance

#1. Continental Gatorskin Bike Tire – Editor’s Choice

This durable carbon black mixture tire from the house of Continental is our editor’s choice because it feels as comfortable in a commuter bike as it does in road racer bikes. It comes with polyester fibers that overlap at the time of manufacturing to yield a dense fabric.

As the PolyX is highly resistant to any foreign particles to prevent puncture, but this does not reduce the rolling resistance. The sidewall protection comes from the use of high-grade polyamide fabric that surrounds the core, protecting the tire from cuts and scuffs even under the worst condition.

The tried and tested Gatorskin comes in both folding and wire bead versions to span the entire size of the tire. It promises to not let you down while commuting, heavy training or touring. Grippy on the shoulders and smooth at the center, this Continental bike tire works great in any condition.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 11 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 1 pound
  • DuraSkin Puncture & Sidewall Protection
  • Road Bike Replacement Tire
  • PolyX Breaker – proven technology

User/ Customer reviews

Most users have said that this commuter bike stands up to the flat-proof reputation of the brand and it gives them the freedom from having to fix flats. Cyclists have also said how slick they are in design, which gives them a better grip even in rain.  People also love the folding design which is as easy to install as any non-folding tire but considerably easier to store and transport.


These tires are designed with great care to give you enhanced control and grip on the road, plus the PolyX Breaker technology promises to make your tires flat-proof. At this price, this is a great investment that saves you the time and money spent on fixing flats continuously as you just go rolling with ease.

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#2. Continental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire – Great For All Around Use

Are you the type of commuter bike owners who uses the bicycle to commuter or work daily but enjoys taking the wheels for adventures on the weekends? Well, you don’t have to worry about keeping two bikes in the shed as the Continental urban bicycle tire works perfectly for all users.

The Tour Ride Urban Tire has everything needed to be an all-rounder. It includes a tread for every type of surface and a protection belt for obligatory breakdowns. The high mileage compound ensures that the tire gives you several hundred miles without any troubles.

The deep and aggressive tread patterns provide predictable traction and high mileage. It is equipped with advanced BeadTechnology that provides an excellent puncture protection. The reinforced sidewalls protect the outer casing from different types of environmental effects.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 26 x 1-1/2 (42-584 ETRTO)
  • Weighs 1.8 pounds
  • BeadTechnology Puncture ProTection
  • Deep, aggressive tread pattern
  • Reinforced sidewalls 
  • Tire Bead Wire

User/ Customer reviews

People are impressed to find that after installing the Continental Tour Ride Urban Bicycle Tire, the number of punctures reduced significantly. Users are happy that these tires have low roll-resistance, due to which it does not slow down the average speed. A few customers have also said that they are highly impressed with the quality and performance at such an affordable price.


This is a soft and well-made set of tires that can install easily by hand, plus the traction is really good in summer and winter. While they may not be the most efficient tires around, they are definitely the most reliable commuting tires that can handle most surfaces. Overall, we feel that these tires are worth every penny.

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#3. Continental Contact Plus Travel Bike Tire

This commuter bike is built to be your perfect companion on adventures and trekking tours. With maximum puncture protection through a highly elastic natural rubber, it promises to give you a safe and secure ride. Due to its open side profile, the product also scores good marks at self-cleaning.

Whether you are riding on city streets, forest, field, or country trails, the Contact Plus tire helps you tread with ease on any terrain. It comes with extra strong Plus Breaker lining that easily fends off stones and thorns. With its universal profile, it feels equally at ease on meadow, asphalt, or woodland.

The low-rolling-resistance also offers enhanced protection from premature wear caused by additional force. We are impressed to find that all city tires by Continental are rated to a standard speed of minimum 25 km/h. The ones marked as e50 are certified for S-Pedelecs.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 26.8 x 26.8 x 2.4 inches
  • Weighs 1.75 pounds
  • Maximum puncture protection
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Tough Plus Breaker
  • Any terrain reliable riding experience

User/ Customer reviews

Most users who have upgraded with these tires on their mountain bike or daily commuter feel that it provides better performance on paved roads, dirt paths, sand, construction areas, small cobblestones, up and down from curbs. Some people have also said that it helps them squirrel away on sand paths. A few customers have said how nice it feels to roll and the tread is significantly quiet.


These tires are E-bike rated, so you get extra durability and more reliability on any type of terrain. As they are beefy in size and puncture-resistant, you can easily go over sharp stones and rocks in a forest and bump up again on the main road without any friction or noise. All in all, this turns out to be a great investment for anyone.

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#4. Kenda Tires K838 Commuter Tires – Budget Tire

If you are working on a budget, we would recommend Kenda’s K838 tires that are designed in a way to boost up the speed and decrease rolling resistance. Sleek and stylish in design, they are ideal for daily commuting, recreational touring, and lots more.

The wire beads do a good job at increasing durability while the sleek tires are efficient for trail riding, hybrid road or mountain biking. With lower rolling resistance, it does a good job at increasing speed. The smooth edges and grooves give you more control on wet and slippery roads without slowing you down.

As the tires are modeled after motorcycle, they do a great job of improving the speed with reduced resistance. With a width of 1.95-inch, these tires you give the stability you need to go fast on any type of terrain – asphalt roads, gravels, and mountainous trails.

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 2.6 pounds
  • 1.95-inch width
  • Sleek tires
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Smooth edge with water
  • Wire beads for improved reliability

User/ Customer reviews

Cyclists undergoing their e-bike conversion find this tire perfect for a quiet, efficient, and rugged performance. Users have said that even after miles of treading, the tires did not wear out too much or require replacement too soon. Most customers find this tire great for hybrid on/ off use on both smooth streets and gravel trails.


These amazing commuter plus hybrid tires deliver amazing performance with great speed and less resistance. Besides providing good stability on different types of terrains, the commuter tires also prevent frequent puncture to last much longer. Overall, this gives you a good price to performance ratio.

#5. Continental Contact Speed Bike Tire – Best for Urban and Country

If you live in an urban area but often take on the country trails on weekends, check out the Continental Contact Speed Bike Tire that works great on both the terrains. On one hand, it is the perfect city bike tire that runs with speed and adds power to fitness bikes.

On the other hand, the durable casing and highly enduring tread work great for sports use. With double puncture protection, light design, and excellent grip, this bike tire promises to deliver an outstanding performance on all types of terrain.

The rugged rubber breakers along with rubber-reinforced sidewalls save the tires from accidental puncture and sidewall abrasion. The roughened yet fast Slick profile of the tire scores high points of asphalt, while the low rolling resistance adds to the durability and longer lifespan.

Product features and specifications

  • Rugged Rubber Breaker
  • Rubber-Reinforced Sidewalls
  • Safety Level of 5 out of 6
  • Durable casing and long-lasting tread
  • Double puncture protection
  • Standard speed of 25km/h

User/ Customer reviews

Ardent cyclists who are obsessed with speed have successfully used the Continental tire to convert their standard commuter bike into a speed machine. People have also mentioned how easy it is to mount these tires and get on the road quickly. A few users have said that these tires are specially built for bad roads, hence the puncture resistance ability is really good.


These bike tires come from a well-known brand that understands the market and needs of the customers. It provides a better balance and puncture resistance along with great speed to take on any type of road with more confidence. Although a little expensive than other tires in the market, it delivers great value for the price.

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#6. SCHWALBE Marathon Plus HS Wire Tire – High Puncture Resistance

This Marathon Plus tire from the house of Schwalbe is one of the most puncture resistant e-bike tire, which also happens to be one of the bestselling products by the company. Most professional cyclists prefer these types of puncture-resistant tires over the lower rolling resistant ones.

The tire comes with light-reflecting sidewalls for enhanced visibility, and it also includes Kevlar-MB-Belt for better puncture resistance. When compared with the Marathon models, we find that the Plus version has a much thicker puncture layer that its predecessor.

Made of nylon, the actual weight of the Marathon Plus is 900 grams, which is 170 grams more than any regular Marathon. With more thickness and improved sidewalls, the Marathon Plus offers some more puncture resistance than Marathon

Product features and specifications

  • Weighs 2.4 pounds
  • Light-reflecting sidewalls
  • Kevlar-MB-Belt for puncture resistance
  • Marathon Silica compound
  • Reflex sidewalls incorporate light
  • Twin SmartGuard 16×1.35 Urban Tire

User/ Customer reviews

Many users have said that it lasts them over thousands for miles without going flat even after riding on rocky terrain. People also use the bike tire to commute daily through roads littered with shrapnel without ant issues at all. A few users have said that the tires are not difficult to mount if you have a lever but they do take longer.


The SCHWALBE Marathon Plus is undoubtedly one of the highest puncture resistant bike tires out there, compared to other brands. You will shell out some extra dollars for the set of tires but this will save you from having to fix flat tires frequently. Besides the puncture resistance, the speed, traction, power, and durability are also spot on!

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Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Best Tires For Commuter Bike

Type of tire

The type of tire you intend to get is of course one of the most important and foremost things to consider. There are broadly three types of commuter tires – tube, tubeless, and tubular. The tube and tubeless tires are most suitable for commuting bikes.


Traction is yet another important feature and it enables the rider to pull back. This feature is more useful in the rainy season when the roads are wet and you need good traction. Commuting on the plain asphalt roads using the high traction tire also feels very comfortable.

Puncture Protection

When commuting daily, your tires are more susceptible to leaks. As the routes do not have the same conditions, it may not be possible to avoid the sharp objects on the path. If puncture resistant is your top priority then you must look for tires with extra layers of synthetic material.


The best tire provides maximum grip when you need to take a sharp turn or hold a break. When the tire is soft, it allows the bike to stop at a moment’s notice. You also need to consider the PSI factor when choosing a commuter bike. Make sure you do not inflate it more than the required value.

Design and construction

The design and construction should be suitable for the type of road you will be riding on. Some types of tires come with synthetic nylon weaves for a denser exterior. The synthetic cover provides a better resistance and enhanced grip, however, this can slow down as the tire becomes heavier.  

Surface area

The surface area may vary widely for the different types of tires so you need to know the specifications before ordering. If you don’t consider this, you may end up with tires that do not fit the wheel properly. We recommend commuter bike tires with higher width to give you more control over the area.

Related Questions

How much can I inflate the tires

For every bike model, there is a certain limit to which you can inflate the tires and after which you, must stop. If you are after speed in your wheels, then you must inflate it to its maximum limit. There are some tires that come with inflate-protection.

How do I tell which tire offers more grip

If a tire comes with an ultra-treading feature, it will have significantly less grip. We suggest that you avoid a tire with more tread if you are seeking better control. Furthermore, a softer tire with less pressure will result in better control.

What is the recommended pressure for commuter tires

On every tire, you can find the maximum recommended pressure printed on the side and you must not exceed it. The lower pressure will allow you to have a better grip with reduced rolling resistance and less speed. With higher pressure levels, you can attain more speed on smooth roads but the tire will bounce on uneven terrain.

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