6 Best Wireless Bike Computers With Cadence 2023

By Rachel Lee
Published on
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When cycling becomes more than just a casual activity, it’s time to take your bike riding to the next level. Whether your objective is to get a cardiovascular workout, relieve stress, or train for an upcoming race, the best wireless bike computer with cadence can help you achieve your goal.

In a fast paced, data-driven world of today where everyone is obsessed with numbers, a bicycle with the computer is the new trend. They come in all shapes and sizes, and capable of measuring a variety of things such as the distance traveled, calories burned, trip time, heartbeat rate and so on.

The bike computer may also serve as a speedometer to measure your average and maximum speed, to help you push your limits. You may use it to measure the total distance you have traveled, how long it took you to arrive at your destination, and measure your cadence too.

It’s a common sight these days to see cyclists, both casual riders and professionals with a cycle computer mounted on their handlebars. While the casual bikers are okay with a basic computer with cadence, the racers may seek more information out of their cyclo-computer.

Let’s not forget that the number of features and the amount of information, the cycle computers provide have a direct impact on the price. Besides making your cycling more calculative and well-measured, it also adds a lot of excitement to the sport and motivation to put in that extra effort. 

No matter what brought you here, we know that you are currently confused with so many options for wireless cycle computer with cadence. Relax and take it easy! Our review team has done the entire homework to pull you out of the dilemma and help you make your choice.

Read on to find the detailed reviews of the top-rated wireless bike computers handpicked by our team. We have also included a buying guide to further make it easier for you to pick one from our list. If you don’t have the time to read till the end then we recommend the JOYCUNE Bluetooth Bike Computers offers some of the best features to help you improve your bike riding, at an affordable price.

#1. SHANREN Raptor II Bluetooth Smart Wireless Bike Speedometer

When you wish to turn your bike into a hi-tech gizmo, consider SHANREN Raptor II wireless speedometer. This is a 2-in-1 bike computer that comes with some amazing features geared at improving your ride and adding more comfort and convenience. Hailing from the house of Shanren Raptor, this is the first-ever bike computer that comes integrated with an ultra-bright headlight to give you added safety on dark roads. With simple and easy-to-use controls, the computer tracks cycling data such as the total speed, distance traveled, cadence, calories bunt, battery indicator, cycling time, and headlight status.

The cycle computer integrates a smart lighting system to add more brightness for the night riders, allowing you to go cycling in lowlight conditions. Compatible with the Bluetooth speed and heart rate sensor, it allows you to measure the heartbeat, and the advanced connecting technology syncs previous data to compare in your next ride. We love the 2.1-inch big screen display with LCD backlighting for proper reading and visibility. The inbuilt battery provides a run time of 2000-hours (with headlight turned off). With headlight on high mode, the battery lasts get 3 working hours, on medium mode, it lasts for 6 working hours and on flash mode it can run for 12 working hours.

Product features and specifications

  • 2-in-1 bike computer
  • 2800mAh Built-in Li-battery
  • 300LM Ultra Bright Front Light
  • 2. 1’ Big LCD Display
  • BLE4. 0 Speed and Cadence
  • Intuitive data display
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • 2800mAh Lithium Polymer

User/ Customer reviews

People who have used the predecessor product by Raptor are of the opinion that this is an upgrade and improvement over the earlier version, both in terms of hardware battery capacity, cadence tracking, and other features.

The advanced sensors on the pedal and back wheel are highly appreciated by the users, and the device communicates wirelessly with the help of sensors. People love the fact that the device is waterproof and lit with a LED backlight for easy viewing. A few users have said that they wished it has GPS tracking feature and a built-in heart rate monitor.  


If you are looking for an entry-level bike computer with cadence and speed then this product by SHANREN Raptor is a great choice. You get superior-grade Japanese quality workmanship matched with great functionality. At this price, you get a stylish looking cycle computer that offers more than what money can buy!

#2. Sigma BC 16.16 STS CAD Wireless Bike Computer with Cadence

When you wish to take your bike riding to the next level, nothing boosts your determination more than a digitally coded double wireless bike computer with cadence. This Sigma BC 16.16 STS CAD comes handy to provide an exact ride data for the daily commuters and avid cyclists. It has an improved ETA function that gives you precise information regarding how much time and distance are left to arrive at your destination, plus it shows fuel savings with every mile you ride. It also tells you whether or not you arrived on time.

The Sigma cycle computer can also be linked with your Android smartphone via Sigma Link app using NFC technology. The free Sigma Link app is easily available in the Google Play Store. The data and statistics of last twelve months can be saved to help you compare, analyze, and improve your training to achieve your goals. This Training Diary also helps you compare the activities on a monthly basis and track your improvement. The computer comes with a decent digital display that is waterproof and easy to install on any bicycle of your choice.

Product features and specifications

  • Calculates time and distance
  • Save training stats for 12 months
  • Sigma Link app Android smartphones
  • Total fuel savings
  • Water-resistant (IPX 8)
  • Total ride time

User/ Customer review

Customers have said that they really liked this Sigma bike computer and the installation process was a breeze with multi-language instructions and helpful set-up steps. Some people have said that they really liked the upgrade and that it worked perfectly with the app and to their satisfaction. A few users have warned that it is not user friendly and that the Cadence keeps failing.


If you have used a Sigma product before then you will be impressed with the upgrades and improvements in this model. It has a big display and instructions about syncing it with the Android phone and installing on your bike are easy if you have some basic idea, but maybe confusing for beginners. Overall, we feel that this is a good product at a reasonable price. Truly, a value for money.

#3. Wantacme Wireless Bike Computer GPS Cycling Computers

We love the professional look, sheen, and sleek design of the Wantacme wireless bike computer and GPS tracker. Whether you ride on the plain road or a bumpy terrain, this cycle computer can help you gather data regarding distance, speed, time, and much more. This little device fits well on your bike’s handlebar and the waterproof coating keeps it functioning even in wet conditions. The computer is equipped to support GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo four Satellite Connectivity, and other high-sensitivity signal receiver for quick positioning. It also includes a built-in barometer that helps in measuring elevation correctly.

This GPS bike computer is designed to connect with various sensors such as speed sensor, cadence sensor, and heart rate sensor to give you accurate data. With a 1.8 inches high definition LCD display with backlight for easy readability, this model is suitable for all types of road bike, folding bike, mountain bike, and normal bike. It comes equipped with a 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery that can provide a run time of 25 hours to let you ride long distances without any need to recharge in between

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 48x75x19mm
  • Weighs 52g
  • IPX7 grade water-resistant
  • 1.8” LCD Display and Durable Battery
  • Up to 25 hours of runtime
  • Bike data and tracking records
  • Compatible with XOSS app to Strava and Trainingpeak
  • Comes with an out-front bike mount
  • Automatic backlight
  • Measures Speed, Mileage, Time, Gradient

User/ Customer reviews

Most people have said that installing the device on a bike maybe slightly challenging for beginners but once you are able to do it correctly, the computer works fine as expected. People are able to use the sensors to collect the necessary cycle data for beginners, although they may not be enough for professional racers. A few customers faced some issues when using the app and uploading their rides, while others are pleased with the user interface and ease of use.


This is a compact and professional looking bike computer with cadence that comes with a lot of features enough for beginner and intermediate level riders. It has a big screen that displays most of the data together, and the user-friendly design make it a perfect choice for enthusiastic riders. At this price, this is indeed a great deal.

#4. iGPSPORT GPS Bike Computer iGS10 Wireless Bicycle Computer

When you want to join the league of pro bike riders, you need to first equip your bicycle with the latest accessories and gadgets to boost your performance. Check out the iGPSPORT GPS wireless bike computer that come with high-sensitivity GPS to acquire satellite signals for fast and precise positioning. This helps to keep a track of how fast you are going and how far you are from your destination. The device is compatible with all brands of Heart Rate Monitor, ANT+ sensor, Cadence Sensor, and Speed Sensor. You may install the iGPSPORT app on your smartphone or simply connect it via Bluetooth.

We like the lightweight design and user-friendly operation with only two buttons. The display screen is easily visible in bright sunlight and the backlight turns on one hour before the sunset and one hour after the sunrise to save battery. The rechargeable battery gives a run time of up to 25 hours, which works well for long distances. The device gives you real-time data for speed, average, riding time, total distance traveled, altitude, gradient, calories, time, date, and temperature. The ride data files can be easily uploaded to the strava and mapmyride apps.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 48 X 75 X 20 mm
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • Bluetooth4.0
  • High sensitivity GPS
  • Battery life Up to 25 hours
  • Strava Compatible
  • Save memory about 90h riding data
  • 2-year warranty and lifetime support

User/ Customer reviews

People find this bike computer extremely easy to mount and get accurate details of heart rate, speed, and distance without having to look at their smartwatch constantly while riding. Some users have said that the setup and installation is slightly tricky but once you are able to do it, the sensors work perfectly. Customers are also impressed with the good battery life and the recharge is also done quickly.


If you are a beginner or an intermediate cycle rider wanting to improve speed and measure the stats in order to train better then the iGPSPORT GPS Bike Computer (shop now) is a good choice. At an affordable price, you get some decent features that you would otherwise find in high-end cycle computers with cadence. Overall, it provides a good price to performance ratio.

#5. JOYCUNE Bluetooth Bike Computers

If you would like to record your rides, distance traveled, speed, cadence, and heart rate without burning a hole in your pocket then the JOYCUNE Bluetooth bike computer (learn more) is a great option. It comes with 29 basic functions, 10 auxiliary modes, and 16 parameter set to give extra power to your rides. It can be easily connected to your android phone or iPhone using the joycuneLite app. It comes with a four-patent remote control and smart backlight to activate it in a panoramic mode.

We like that this bike computer comes with a mount so you don’t have to get it separately from the market. Once you install the device, you will be able to monitor the speed, cadence sensor, and heart rate. It not only works for cycling but various other outdoor sports. If you are cycling to lose weight and get fit again, this device also tells you how much calories you have burned. The device can also be set in multiple languages for ease of use by people in different parts of the world.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 3 x 1.8 x 0.5 inches
  • Weighs 7.2 ounces
  • Remote control use
  • Smart backlighting
  • Multi-language setting
  • Panoramic display mode
  • Bluetooth cycling computer
  • Waterproof and wireless
  • DIY simple installation

User/ Customer reviews

Both casual and professional riders love this wireless bike computer s it is easy to install with the mount provided and provides a plethora of functions and settings. People are also impressed with the ease with which the device binds via Bluetooth to their Smartphone to increase their usability. Users find this a valuable multi-use product as it can be used with anything that runs on wheels.


The large display gives you a gist of all that you wish to accomplish by riding on the wheels, to let you know how much more improvement is needed. We feel that this is a good reasonably priced gadget for the trainers or bike enthusiasts to feel motivated to work harder. Although this is not comparable to a professional high-end wireless cycle computer, it delivers great value for money.

#6. CAT EYE Strada Digital Cadence Wireless Computer

If you thought getting a decent wireless cycling computer with cadence and heart rate reading technology meant spending a lot of money then you are mistaken. Here’s the CAT EYE Strada digital bike computer that comes equipped with 2.4GHz double wireless transmission for reliable and interference-free data related to heart rate, cadence, and speed with one touch. With a single button operation, access to various cycling metrics, and ease of use, CatEye is designed to take your cycle training to the next level.

With CatEye’s ISCTec sensor, you can easily navigate through metrics like elapsed time, current speed, trip distance, cadence, and so on. The CPU is lightweight and setting it up on the handlebar is straightforward. The product comes with a tool-free FlexTight bracket enabling you to mount it on the bars on the stem. Users can get the Cateye HRM chest strap (sold separately) to further optimize its use and push your bike training limits further. It also comes with an automatic sensor recognition which helps in tracking all rides when you use the device with different bikes.

Product features and specifications

  • Measures 5 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Weighs 4.8 ounces
  • Automatic sensor recognition
  • One-touch button interface
  • Easy navigation through metrics
  • CatEye’s ISCTec sensor
  • Tool-free FlexTight bracket

User/ Customer reviews

People who have bought the bike computer are pleased with the ease of use and most users have said that it took less than 15 minutes to install the device. Customers have also mentioned that it is easy to remove and keep in the pocket when using a public bike rack. A few users have warned that the display is small and the screen size often makes it difficult to read, plus it lacks backlight for better visibility.


When you want to step up your bike training without spending too much, this CAT EYE Strada bike computer (see Amazon)comes across as a good solution. Although it may lack a few features available in the high-end devices, you still get access to a wide range of functions needed to get you on the road.

Benefits Of Using A Wireless Bike Computer With Cadence

What’s your cause for investing in a smart device that can be mounted on your bike handlebar? Are you doing this just because everyone else is? If you are still new to the cycling world, then here are a few benefits to consider, and below we have put together a few important features to look for, depending on your specific requirements.

#1. Protect your smartphone from bad weather


Needless to say, your smartphone is probably much more expensive than your cycle computer. Mounting them on a handlebar in hot weather, rain, or freezing temperatures may not be the ideal solution. In case they fall, you may end up with a cracked mobile screen or worse. Using the bike computer instead is a better idea as they can take a lot of beating in rugged weather and still continue recording the data.

#2. Save cell phone battery for other things

Well, we use our cell phones for several things other than simply collecting the riding data, but it’s not a specialist in that. So, let a device created for recording the rides do its job while you save your phone’s battery for other things like answering calls, taking pictures of your journey, and sharing them on social media.

#3. Easy access to real-time information

Unlike your smartphone, the bike computer screen does not get locked and you have real-time data right in front of you. As they are wirelessly connected to your bike, they pick the sensors and flash the data on the screen. Any change of screen can be done by simply clicking a button or swiping the screen, making it easier to use while riding.

#4. Packed with features to improve your performance

Different models of wireless cycle computers come with diverse features and functions to help you improve your performance and training. They not only help in monitoring your progress but also tell you where the scope for improvement lies. Unlike a mobile app, the cycle computers come with numerous advanced functions such as heart rate, altitude, temperature, gradient, calorie burn, and more.

#5. Helps you manage your goals better

Whether your objective of cycling is a cardiovascular workout, weight loss, or training for a race, a bike computer adds more precision to your performance and pushes you towards your goal. When you are able to track your speed and distance, and also check how much calories you have burned with every ride, you get motivated to achieve your goals.

Features To Look For In The Best Wireless Cycle Computer

The cycle computers we have picked above fall in different price ranges and their features also vary. When choosing among them, you will first need to ask a few questions to yourself and decide what you want out of your investment. Here are a few features to consider:

Cadence measurement

This is a common feature you will find in most affordable bike computers and it refers to the rotations of the cranks per minute. This helps in determining your speed, because how fast your legs are working and the speed at which you are traveling are not directly correlated. All the products reviewed above have this feature.

Cycling Speedometer

This feature helps in monitoring your speed, and it’s not the same as cadence. With this function, you not only get an idea of how fast you are traveling at a particular time, but also get information about your average speed, top speed, and other useful data related to speed.

Smartphone connectivity

Several GPS bike computers today allow you to sync data to your smartphone using Bluetooth. This process may be made simpler by a companion app used for set-up and customization. Some apps may use push notifications to alert you about calls and messages on your cycling computer.

Decide how much navigation you need

It depends on you how much navigation you need. Most of the bike computers record basic ride data and offer simple navigation guidance. However, it depends on you how much navigation you really need as some of the high-end models may include maps, turn-by-turn directions, points of interest, street names, address database, elevation data, and so on.

Battery life

Each bike computer comes with a battery life limit which may be increased or decreased by reducing screen brightness, Smartphone connection, satellite connection, or use of multiple features. Most of the bike computers we have mentioned above are capable of doing a few days of casual rides, a good long country ride, or over 100-miles of distance.

Related Questions

Can I use my smartphone to record data instead of a bike computer?

The cycle computers are specially designed to be waterproof, crash-proof, more resilient and aerodynamic. Their main objective is to record GPS data and the battery life is also taken into account. While a smartphone can also use GPS and record a lot of other data, it is still not what it was meant for, hence the results may be sub-optimal in a few areas.

What is a magnetic bike computer?

These are special types of bike computers that come with magnets attached to the wheel spokes while the sensors are placed on the front fork. With both these parts are installed, the computer can monitor the wheel using the sensors. The magnetic type of bike computer falls in the lower price segment and their battery typically lasts longer. However, they do not include GPS.

Which product is best suited for data transfer?

If you wish to transfer the cycling or riding data to a website or share on your  social media page then you must choose a bike computer that comes with GPS functionality. This makes posting your rides much easier and customizable to different platforms. 

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