Can You Put Boa Laces On Any Shoe?

By Rachel Lee
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The Boa lacing system is famous for the secure closure they provide to athletic shoes. With a micro-adjustable dial and strong laces, it has garnered much attention from sports players.

So, can you put Boa laces on any shoe? Although Boa laces are widely used in sport’s shoes, they have found their way into safety footwear and regular shoes. From cyclists, firefighters to diabetes, anyone can use the Boa laces.

With everyone preferring to use Boa laces, another question arises. What is so special about them?

Advantages of Using Boa Laces

Compared to the traditional or Velcro laces, Boa laces have been hailed as more beneficial. Here is a list of their advantages:

1. Convenience

Easy to wear and quick to remove, Boa laces define convenience. These laces uncomplicate the process of tying up your shoes and make it an effortless event.

Since they take less time to adjust, they are very convenient for people wearing cycling shoes to adjust the strap on the go.

With the BOA fit system in your cycling shoes, you can instantly make minute lace adjustments mid-ride. As it is easy to access and adjust, you can continue your ride without losing efficiency.

2. Comfort

The best thing about these laces is that they exude comfort to the shoe owner.

When you tie your regular shoelaces, the pressure is always on the top of your foot. Your shoe can get tight at the top and loose at the sides. This situation would create a pressure point on one part of your foot.

In order to combat this issue of pressure points, Boa laces have a mechanism to distribute the pressure points on your shoe evenly. Ultimately, you will not have to face the pain and discomfort that came along with the classic shoelaces. 

3. Perfect Fit

Wearing improperly fitted shoes is not only uncomfortable but also risky. With a wrong fit, you are likely to trip and fall more quickly than you would with properly fitted ones.

With the help of the micro-adjustable dial, you can customize the fit as you like. Boa laces are best known for their ability to tighten your shoe and give you a precise fit uniformly.

Their mechanism is easy to follow and less complex than the traditional laces. Moreover, once you fix the fit of your laces, you do not have to worry about readjustments. The dial ensures that the laces are in the same place you tied up.

Many pro cyclists prefer Boa laces because of this precise fit. They allow you to stop focusing on the loose laces and concentrate on the ride.

Moreover, the Boa fitted cycling shoes have a strong rubber sole with a high friction grip. So you can confidently pedal your way to success. 

4. Better Performance

The central idea of athletic shoes is to help enhance the performance of athletes. They are designed to boost the speed of the players. But without a sound lacing system, this feat is not possible.

As the Boa laces help give tight fits to the players, they lose less energy and can move quickly. Secondly, this precise fit enables the athlete to be more aware of their movements, which can help them control their actions better.

Simply put, this lacing system is an excellent choice for sports players who are looking to improve their speed and agility.

5. Durability

In general, laces use polyester material to make their product durable and long-lasting. However, when they are regularly tightened and loosened, these laces are prone to wear and tear.

On the contrary, the Boa system uses stainless steel wires in their laces that do not wear out the way other laces do. They do require maintenance now and then but are otherwise very reliable.

Further, the Boa Fit System laces and dials are provided with a lifetime guarantee on any product they have been integrated on. So, you can shed your concerns about having to buy shoelaces every so often.

Related Questions

1. What Are the Different Sports You Can Use Boa Laces For?

Although this lacing system was introduced for snowboarders, they are now popular among all sports players. You can find Boa dials and laces on various sports shoes. If you are into cycling, golf, running, fishing, hunting, or skiing, you can use these laces.

Depending on the intensity of your sport, you can choose to buy dials of different categories. Typically, there are three dial categories: low, medium, and high. If you want to purchase dials for below ankle shoes, go for the low power category.

If you want to buy a dial for shoes above the ankle, choose dials from the medium or high category.

2. How Does the Boa Lacing System Work?

As the Boa laces look different from the regular shoelaces, many people are concerned about how they work. 

You will first find a dial attached to the lace in the shoes. If you pop the dial and screw it clockwise, you can tighten the shoe. You can make minute adjustments to the dial until you find the perfect fit for your shoe.

You can loosen the laces when you rotate the dial in the reverse direction. With the help of these dials, you can adjust the fit and customize how much you want to tighten or loosen your shoe.

3. Can You Replace Your Boa Laces?

Boa Laces are very durable, thanks to their stainless-steel cables. However, there are chances that your Boa laces may break if they are not maintained.

You can drop by the local sports store and get your laces repaired in such a scenario. They often have spare Boa laces and dials to fix your problem quickly.

However, you also have the option to order a free repair and replacement kit online. You can find this facility under the Boa Life Guarantee. Once you have your gear, you can view the instructions and make quick repairs accordingly or replace them altogether.

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