Is There A 22 Inches Bike For Kids

Childhood and cycling are like the two sides of the same coin. Kids quickly move from a walker to tricycle, bicycle with training wheels, and then to the more standard kid’s bikes. Whether used for fun or as a means of transport, the bicycle will remain an important part of your child’s growing years.

In this post, we are looking for the answer to – ‘Is there a 22 inches bike for kids?’ and it’s a Yes. Although a 22-inch wheel size is not a standard size, and you will mostly find a 24-inch size after 20-inch on the charts, there are still a good number of manufacturers that make 22-inch bikes.

Unlike adult bike, children bicycle size is determined by the wheel diameter, and not by frame size of seat height. From age 4, kids start developing physical coordination, balance, and agility skills to master how to start and stop the bicycles with training wheels.

The 22-inch bikes are most suited for kids from the age bracket 7 to 10 years, who are slowly outgrowing the 20-inches bicycles, but are still not big enough for the 24-inches. Besides the wheel sizes, there are many other factors that you may need to consider before ordering a bike.

We know it’s not a cakewalk trying to find the best bike for your kid out of so many different brands and models available. Take it easy, because we have taken the load of research work out of your head to help you make the right choice without having to worry much.

Our team has spent hours reviewing, comparing, and researching about numerous 22-inches bikes for kids to come up with a few recommendations for you. Read on to find the detailed reviews of the products picked by us. If you are in a hurry to order, we suggest the ZSH 18/20/22 Inch Folding Bicycles (learn more) for its lightweight, sturdy construction, and heavy-duty brakes.

#1. ZSH 18/20/22 Inch Folding Bicycles

This bright and cheerful bike from the house of ZSH can be the perfect birthday or Christmas surprise you can give to the little one. Made from a high-carbon steel frame, the bicycle is capable of taking a lot of beating during the growing and learning years of your kid.

Equipped with aluminum alloy rim, the bicycle looks cool with its smooth paint surface. The triangular stable structure and a strong bearing capacity come in handy in preventing a rollover. Both the handlebars and seat are adjustable to match the height of your child, and the heavy-duty detachable stabilizer ensures enhanced safety.

The bike also features a dual brake system, with a front and rear frame along with a front caliper brake … Read More