Best Road Bike For Intermediate Rider

7 Best Road Bikes for Intermediate Riders for 2023

When it’s time to get a new bike, most people are sure to have butterflies in the stomach. For many people, the excitement is the same as getting a new car or going on a big vacation. One mistake can spoil the investment and render it useless for your specific purpose. So, it’s important to ensure that you get the best road bike for an intermediate rider.

The intermediate stage is when you have crossed the beginner’s phase and step into the next level to face slightly harder challenges. When you are competent to ride comfortably for more than 2 hours at a stretch, without stopping even in the rocky and uneven terrains, you are an intermediate rider.

At this stage, you will start using clipless pedals and have probably already participated in one or two races. The next level comes the ‘strong intermediate’ wherein you can comfortably ride for over 3 hours at a good pace (with no or fewer stoppages) at least once a week.

On the technical trails, you should be able to ride for more than 4 hours. By the time you become an experienced intermediate, you should be able to ride a full-suspension mountain bike, wear some body armor, have a seat dropper seat post, and wear clipless pedals too.

So, now that you know what an intermediate rider is and should be capable of, it is important that you choose a suitable model. Only when you are armed with the right bike and accessories, you will be able to exploit your potentials to the fullest.

Whether you wish to ride on smooth pavement or the hilly road less taken, you need a bike that is engineered to meet the specific requirements. As the market is full of a plethora of brands and different models, it can be hard to make a choice, so we have done it easier for you.

Our team has rigorously researched, analyzed, compared and reviewed numerous bikes for intermediate riders and come up with a few hand-selected models. If you don’t have the time to read all the reviews and need to make a quick decision then we recommend the Giordano Acciao Road Bike (learn more) for its amazing features and ability to customize as per your needs.

For women intermediate riders, we recommend the Giordano Aversa Aluminum Road Bike for its neutral colors, lightweight and powerful features at an affordable price.   

#1. Schwinn Fastback 2 Performance Road Bike

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