Do You Need Special Shoes for Peloton?

By Rachel Lee
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You finally decided to go for it and purchased a Peloton. Congratulations! Welcome to the clan! Now, you’re asking yourself: “So, what else do I require? What shoes should I get for this? Is it possible to use my old cycling shoes with the new Peloton bicycle?” 

Take a deep breath – all of your Peloton shoe concerns will be addressed below.

To answer your question, you do require special shoes for riding a Peloton. The Peloton bike is equipped with clipless pedals, necessitating the use of suitable cycling shoes.

The pedals are best utilized with three-hole cleat shoes with either SPD-SL or Look Delta cleat systems. For Peloton pedals, you only have the SPD-SL and Look Delta cleat models, thus the fact that you’ll need specific shoes for riding the bike.

Continue reading this article if you would like to learn more about why you require special Peloton cycling shoes.

Special Shoes for Peloton Bikes: Reasons to Buy 

Peloton riders are well acquainted with the fact that there are special Peloton bike shoes widely available in the market. However, new users worry, “Would I Need Special Peloton Shoes?” when using or buying a Peloton cycle. 

To maximize energy and durability while riding, your shoes would have to snugly fit around your foot’s edges and the heel region. The shoes, in particular, must be perfectly fastened to the pedal. 

When it comes to the Peloton cycle, the pedals are delta-compatible cleats connected to the base of the shoes using a three-screw hole configuration.

As a result, after you’ve clipped the delta cleats into the pedal’s toe cage, there’s no way you’ll fall off or have your feet slide off. In reality, clipping your shoes to the Peloton’s pedals provides the safest and most enjoyable exercise experience.

So, in terms of security, convenience, and an efficient ride, we believe Peloton bike shoes are the best option for you. Peloton shoes can also assist you in having the most rigorous training sessions. 

The power gradually moves from your legs and up with these shoes rather than buffering the stress and pushing it back down to your ankles and knees. You will experience less pain and will avoid injuring yourself in this manner.

Peloton shoes will assist you in maintaining proper posture, allowing you to reap the full benefits of biking. They also shield your toes from shocks produced by toe cages while riding.

What Kind of Special Shoes are Required for Riding a Peloton Bike? 

It’s important to remember that your shoes’ rubber soles should be non-slippery. Although you will lose some steadiness due to this, it is much better than slipping and crashing while pedaling hard. 

Any bicycle shoe with a three-bolt cleat attachment (commonly identified as Look Delta or SPD-SL) will work, although some riders with very wide or narrow feet have had success with labels including Giro, Time, Specialized, Shimano, Sidi, and Lake.

The pedals on the Peloton are identical to those on other exercise equipment, so standard cycling shoes or even sneakers with thick soles would also suffice. 

Sizing for Peloton Shoes

The first factor individuals notice when purchasing Peloton cycling shoes is that the sizing differs from conventional footwear and athletic shoes. Comparable to other spin bike footwear, Peloton uses European (EU) sizing for its shoes. 

When shopping for shoes, the idea is to find something that fits like a running sneaker. Your arch should be supported by the shoe, which should neither be too loose nor tight. 

Brownie Tip: The easiest method to get these shoes to fit perfectly is to tighten them only enough before clipping them in, then tweak them after clipping in to make them even tighter. An appropriate sock can also significantly impact how well the shoes fit.

Are Peloton Shoes a Good Investment?  

The Peloton cycling shoes may be a tad pricey for some. Are Peloton shoes, on the other hand, essential and worthwhile? Yes, without a doubt! 

To achieve a rigid and tailored fit, Peloton shoes have stiff soles and Velcro fasteners. Because the material is breathable, Peloton shoes are pretty soft and comfortable to wear.

They’re made to help you bike faster and more efficiently to achieve your desired objectives. So, if you’re passionate about exercising and riding your Peloton on a regular basis, investing in specific Peloton shoes is well worth it.

The following are a few of the advantages of purchasing Peloton shoes:

  • They are quite comfortable to wear and give good grip
  • By trying to keep the feet glued to the pedals, they aim to provide a safe ride
  • A warranty is included with the shoes
  • Peloton shoes are known for their high quality
  • When not being used for an extended period, you can separate the cleats from the Peloton shoes

How are Peloton Bike Shoes Adjusted? 

By now, you know whether you require Peloton cycling shoes. It’s time to figure out how to modify them. You can make them capable of providing the safest and finest ride imaginable by precisely adjusting them.

  • To begin, turn your shoe over and look for three screw holes on the base. Set the cleat atop these holes and secure it
  • Insert the washers inside the cleat’s grooves and a bolt into each bolt hole
  • Check that your cleats are lined with your front and toes and that they are aligned linearly from the heels to the toes. Next, across the foot’s ball, make sure the shoe is in the center of the cleat. As the washers permit, place the cleat near the inside of the shoe and toward the arch.
  • Following this, with the 4-millimeter hex key that comes with your Peloton, secure and tighten your bolts to the shoe.
  • You can now begin pedaling, making sure that the force from your feet lands on the ball. You may inspect if your cleat is perfectly aligned in this manner. Ensure that the ball of your foot is precisely above the pedal axle.

Remember that the bolts will loosen with time, causing your cleats to shift or open. In such a scenario, you may experience problems clipping or hear a sound emanating from your cleats.

Realign your cleats and fasten the bolts carefully to fix them. To ensure a pleasant ride, tighten the cleats once every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Is it true that Peloton shoes are designed to be tight? 

Peloton shoes should be comparable to running shoes in terms of fit: not too tight or loose. Your toes should be able to move or wiggle, and your arch must be cushioned. Experts recommend going down a size if your heel is sliding in and out of your shoes. 

2.    What exactly do the markings on the bottoms of Peloton shoes signify? 

Those markings and numerals are designed to assist you with cleat placement.

The horizontal digits can assist you in keeping your cleats upright. Such that, the cleat’s base must be parallel to the ground. The diagonal line is there to assist you in aligning the cleat with the balls of the feet.

3.    What should the alignment of my Peloton cleats be? 

Your cleats must be facing forward and be aligned with your toes, with the plane from heel to toe being level. Ensure the cleat’s center is aligned with the balls of the feet on the shoes. Place the cleat near the inside of the shoes as the washers will permit, towards the arch. 

4.    Can I ride a Peloton in mountain bike sneakers? 

Mountain bike shoes (MBS) have a more robust sole than gym shoes or tennis sneakers, so that they might work with your Peloton. Furthermore, because most MBS have SPD cleats, you’ll need to swap out your Peloton’s pedals with SPD pedals to equip them.

5.    Can you ride your Peloton in whatever shoe you would like?

No, you cannot. In reality, you’ll require not only cycling shoes but a unique style of cycling shoes as well.

6.    Is it possible to get Peloton shoes in half sizes? 

Peloton cycle shoes don’t really come in half sizes, unfortunately. If you generally wear a half size in shoes, it’s recommended to size up in any footwear situation. As a result, since there are no half sizes in Peloton shoes, sizing up stands to reason.

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