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For dog lovers, the furry friends are like a part of their family and they simply can’t do without them anywhere they go. No wonder, the pets follow them everywhere, even when they go grocery shopping or a quick ride around the town on their bike.

If you are a dog owner and looking for an advanced bike that saves fuel and lets you carry your pet too, the best electric bikes with dog carriers are worth checking. These bikes come with a specially built pet carrier for your furry friend to ride in comfort.

A quick look at the various options available in the market will reveal that there are too many options for brands and models. This makes it very difficult for an average customer to choose the perfect bike that will suit their needs.

To make your job easier and relieve stress, we have created a list of some of the best electric bikes with a dog carrier. We have spent several hours reviewing more a dozen models and selected the top-rated ones out of them.

Read on to find the complete reviews of the products carefully selected by our team. If you are too busy to read until the end, we suggest that you go with our editor’s pick – NAKTO 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle that has good battery power and mileage, plus it can be easily attached with a compatible dog carrier.

Product NameBatteryWeightMotorLoad
1. Electric Three-Wheel Folding Bicycle48V20A66 lbs400W690 lbsSee Price
#2. Electric Snow Bike, Electric Bike for Parent-child48V 8A Lithium61 lbs250W551 lbsSee Price
#3.Burch Electric Fat Tire Tricycle/Trike48V battery70 lbs500 Vn/aSee Price
#4. NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle
+ Schwinn Small Rascal Bike Pet Trailer 
36V10A Lithium Battery50 pounds250 W250 lbsSee Price

1. Electric Three-Wheel Folding Bicycle

This electric three-wheel folding bicycle from the family of WLY houses a 400W brushless motor that is powered by a 48V15A lithium battery. On a full charge, it provides a mileage of 60-70 km if you maintain a speed of 20 km. It can also sustain a weight of 280 kg.

The folding e-bicycle comes with an LCD meter that gives you all information about power and speed. It also comes with a personalized remote control, a one-button start with a shopping basket, and a pet basket. We love the fact that it can be easily folded and put into the trunk of a car with a pedal riding on both sides of the car.

The bike comes fitted with high-quality tires made with special tread rubber formula to fit the pavement correctly and give you a good grip. High-brightness headlights provide a large illumination area and low consumption of energy. As there is front shock absorption, you don’t have to be afraid of shock.

Product Features

  • Measures 107*107*67CM
  • Motor 400W brushless
  • High-brightness headlights
  • Front hydraulic shock absorber
  • Quick folding unit
  • 48V20A (lithium battery)
  • 7 hours charging time
  • Battery life 60-70 km,

User/ Customer reviews

Pet owners love the idea and overall design of this folding three-wheel bicycle that comes with a nice and secure dog carrier. Users love the safety features that make this cute little bike the perfect ride for their furry friends. Customers also appreciate the fact that it can be easily folded and kept inside the car trunk for better portability.


This is a well-designed electric bicycle that looks cute and comes in handy to carry your pet dog with ease. It is equipped with convenient features to make your and your pets’ ride more comfortable. Overall, we feel this is one of the best electric bicycles with dog carrier money can buy.

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#2. Electric Snow Bike, Electric Bike for Parent-child

When you want to ride on the snow with your child or your furry baby, we recommend this gorgeous and extremely functional Electric Snow Bike. The manufacturer is committed to saving energy and protecting the environment, while at the same time bringing joy to everyone.

This e-bike comes equipped with a powerful 48V 350W brushless gear motor that helps users to drive at a speed of 20KM/H. On a full charge, you can cruise at a maximum speed of 50 km. You may either charge the battery while it is inside the frame or even charge it separately.

As a three-person foldable e-bike, there is enough space to accommodate a child and also your dog. It sports a shock-absorbing design that ensures the safety of riders, plus a large shopping basket to keep your hands-free. The front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel and wheels sport double-layer aluminum construction.

Product Features

  • Made of high carbon steel
  • 3-seater design
  • Shock-absorbing design
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Bright LED headlights and horns
  • Foldable handle and pedal
  • LED headlights for safe driving

User/ Customer reviews

Those who have used this electric bike highly recommend it for leisure rides or means of a daily commute. Several users have said that it gives a mileage of 18 miles round trip on a full charge, saving time, money, and energy too. Some customers have also said that the bike can be used on flat as well as hilly areas.


When you want to move with ease and safety with your kids and dog too, Electric Snow Bike (learn more) is one of the best rides to rely on. It comes with fat and thick tires that can move on the hilly regions as well as fat areas with stability. The foldable handle and pedal make it extremely easy to store when not in use. Overall, we feel this is one of the best investments you can do to move around with your fur baby.

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#3.Burch Electric Fat Tire Tricycle/Trike

The next product on our list comes from the house of Burch and it comes powered by a 48V battery and 500W brushless motor. The oversized rear cargo works best for carrying groceries, shopping duties, other heavy stuff, or simply giving your beloved pet a ride.

This Electric Fat Tire Tricycle is equipped with an aluminum alloy frame, and weighs about 70lbs with the battery included. It can sustain a weight of 320 lb for passenger plus cargo. On a full charge, the ebike can give you a mileage of 35 miles and ride on a top-speed of 20 mph.

The tricycle is fitted with three fat tires that enable riders to travel smoothly city streets, trails, beaches, and even a golf course. We are impressed to know that the tricycle also comes backed by a limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty and quality guarantee.

Product Features

  • 500W 48V Hybrid
  • Oversize Rear Cargo and Front Basket
  • Heavy-Duty Carrying or Delivery
  • 35 miles on a single charge
  • 20 mph speed

User/ Customer reviews

Some people suffering from health conditions have said this bike made them feel more comfortable moving around with their pet. Users have mentioned that the installation part was easy but time taking, and instructions can be improved for those who have no technical knowledge. A few customers have also mentioned that the battery life can be improved.


Burch Electric Fat Tire Trike (shop now) is a sturdy and well-built bike that can sustain a lot of weight and still stay stable and comfortable for use. It comes backed by a powerful motor and reasonable battery life and mileage at the price. With heavy-duty make and fat tires, we feel this is an exceptionally nice electric bike that money can buy!

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#4. NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

Our fourth favorite pick is the NAKTO 26″ 250W cargo electric bicycle that comes with a high-strength carbon steel frame. Their front fork is also made of high-strength carbon steel and features premium-quality shock absorption for the comfort of rider and passenger.

This advanced e-bike comes with a front V Brake and a rear Expansion brake along with six-speed transmission system that you can select as per your needs. The perfect brakes are capable of protecting your safety; while the bright LED light and horn come in handy for night riding.

Equipped with a removable 36V, 10AH lithium battery, this NAKTO electric bicycle gives you a mileage of 22-28 miles (approx. 30-45km). It houses a 250W high-speed brushless motor that gives you a speed of 18-25 mph. Both the e-bike and parts are covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty. To carry your pet with you, we suggest using the Schwinn Small Rascal Bike Pet Trailer with this bike.

Schwinn Small Rascal Bike Pet Trailer (shop now) is a well-designed dog carrier with an adjustable internal leash to prevent the pets from leaping out. It can easily carry up to 50 lbs of weight and there is the adequate air ventilation for comfort. It can be collapsed for easy storage when not in use.

Product Features

  • Weighs 50 Pounds
  • 36V 250W High-Speed Brushless Motor
  • Long-Lasting Lithium Cell Battery
  • Max speed 25-30 mph
  • Accommodates 250-300 Lbs
  • Two working modes
  • Easy assembly
  • 1-year warranty card

User/ Customer reviews

Most users feel that if you want an ebike for occasional rides then this is a good choice although it does not work best for daily commutes. Some people have said that will pedal assistance, you can get a good mileage and even manage some steep hills. Customers mostly like the power of the bike and the ability to carry their pet along.


This is a gorgeous bike (see Amazon) that can be used in both electric and manual mode that can be switched at just the press of a red button. It has a highly adjustable handlebar and seat that makes the ride with your pooch more comfortable. Overall, we feel that this product offers you incredibly good value for money.

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Related Questions

Can the electric bike charge as you pedal

No, they don’t. However, these days many manufacturers advertise that the bike regenerates when you apply the brake or go downhill.

What’s the best way to charge my electric bike

First of all, you have to make sure that you do not let your electric bike discharge completely and try to recharge the batteries when it’s between 30 and 60 percent capacity. Some battery experts suggest that you should allow it to discharge fully once in a while to keep the battery in good condition.

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