Is Bikes Direct Legit? (Explained)

By Rachel Lee
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An adventure trip is on your plan, and you wish to hit the roads with a sturdy bike. Although, the bike model you intend to purchase may not be available in the local bike store. Thus, you turn to online stores and wonder, is Bikes Direct Legit?

Yes, Bikes Direct is a legit online bike store. The 2021 Customer Choice Winner ranks it third among top online bike stores. In addition, 538 buyers have given an overall 4.3-star rating for the website. Thus, you can shop worry-free on Bikes Direct.

The online bike store has many steal-deals and varied kinds of bikes. Read on to get a better understanding of the website.

Is Bikes Direct Legit?

Yes, Bikes Direct is a legitimate website for shopping bikes online. Buyers choose this online store to buy bicycles at economical prices. Moreover, you will find their service-friendly with quick and seamless deliveries.

If you wish to buy from Bikes Direct, you need to thoroughly research the kind of bike you want to prevent returning it.

The online bike store has a 4.3 stars rating from 538 customer reviews. Most of the feedback relates to general satisfaction from the purchase. Amongst the online bike stores, Bikes Direct ranks third. The top-notch performance is possible due to their helpful customer service, the perfect condition of bikes, and free shipping.

Take a look at the ratings for each service.

  • Service: 4.3-star rating
  • Value: 4.7-star rating
  • Shipping: 4.6-star rating
  • Returns: 4.0-star rating
  • Quality: 4.4-star rating

Bikes Direct sells bikes great for all kinds of terrain, such as roads, beaches, and even snow. In addition, the brand is the 2021 Customer Choice Winner. Rest assured! You can seamlessly buy a suitable bike from Bikes Direct with cutting-edge service and an array of bikes to choose from.

Advantages of Purchasing a Bike from Bikes Direct

You might be searching for a particular type of mountain bike. Although, all of your local bike stores suggest that the bike is out-of-stock.

You will never find yourself disappointed! Bikes Direct may have the bicycle you are looking for, and in addition, the bike may cost you lesser than most retailers.

Check out the pointers below to understand why Bikes Direct is an ideal choice.

Save Money

You must have noticed that products purchased online are, in most cases, cheaper than in stores. Buying a bike from Bikes Direct has the same benefit for you, that is, you can find economical options on the site.

While your local bike seller may add many incidental costs to the bike’s price, Bikes Direct only charges you for the bike.

Bikes Direct also has promotional calendars, including discounts and holiday promotions. So, you can shop during these offer periods and save up!

Fast Delivery

If you have doubts about the efficiency of delivery facilitated by Bikes Direct, you need not worry as they ship bikes quickly and hassle-free.

Another advantage of purchasing at this online store is the flexibility offered for payment methods. Plus, Bikes Direct conducts fast payment processes and enables you to complete the checkout within minutes. If you are an individual with a busy schedule, purchasing bikes in stores like Bikes Direct saves you time.

Note: Bikes Direct ships bicycles only to a physical street address and not a PO box address.


Often, you may wish to buy a bike that you no longer find in local retail stores. In such cases, you can turn to Bikes Direct to find an array of bicycles.

Local bike stores include bikes that are on-demand all season. So, they have limited stocks of bikes with certain unique features. Moreover, keeping such bikes in stores incur a loss as they bear maintenance.

On the other hand, online stores like Bikes Direct can procure special bikes straight from the manufacturer anytime they receive an order. These bikes do not include the maintenance charge borne by the seller, so you get better deals.

Excellent Customer Service

Anytime during shopping on Bikes Direct, you face an issue, you can contact the support team for your aid. You can reach out to them via email and fax.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    How is Bikes Direct really cheap?

The Bikes Direct sells bicycle frames. So, they charge you after removing the cost of assembling, fitting, sales help, test rides, and local service. The cost you incur is simply the cost of the parts.

2.    How long does it take to get a bike from Bikes Direct?

Bikes Direct is known for its fast and seamless services. It takes about one to two days for your order to process. Post that, the majority of orders take around three to seven business days transit time.

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