Is Shimano Di2 Worth It? Read This First!

By Rachel Lee
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There’s a lot of debate over choosing electronic shifting over mechanical shifting in current times. While both give great results have their respective pros and cons, electronic shifting is gradually becoming a crowd favorite with bike lovers. The current favorite, Shimano Di2, is making heads turn for all the right reasons!

Shimano’s bike models have been refined over the last three generations, packed with the latest technology and gearing options with 12 speeds, making the cycles of this Japanese brand a highly demanded one among users. All the hype around these electric cycles is real and definitely worth it!

Shimano’s Di2 bikes are an excellent choice for bike lovers because:

  • You get reliable and smooth-shifting gears
  • They come with 12 speeds
  • They have wireless controls
  • They can be easily charged

What does Di2 Stand for?

The Japanese cycling brand Shimano has gathered some appreciation over the years for its high-performing series of electric bikes – the Di2 series. But what exactly does Di2 stand for?

Di2 bikes don’t usually have a manual, which leaves users baffled by the abbreviation.

Di2 stands for “Digital Integrated Intelligence,” Shimano’s electronic shifting. Di2 bikes are swift, lightning-fast, and operate at the push of a button. The controlling and shifting are precise and run smoothly on the roughest of terrains.

What makes Di2 bikes even more remarkable is that it allows you to shift gears under the heaviest load while climbing uphill or to accelerate. Once you’ve set up the system of the bike, it runs all the time smoothly. Charging the cycle is an easy and convenient process.

Advantages of Using Electronic Shifting

The growing technological advancements and trends have made electronic gears a popular choice over mechanical gears. Electronic gear shifting was invented to provide easy access and control, increasing compatibility on rough and hilly terrains.

When buying a bike, it’s essential to jot down and consider some factors. Doing so will help you decide what the bike offers and which features meet your needs. The needs and requirements differ, so it’s essential to go through the features.

This section will help you understand the advantages of using Shimano Di2, the much-acclaimed bike.

·      Low-Effort Shifting

One of the top-most features of using an electronic shifting bike is that they operate with the push of a button, and you don’t have to keep pushing a mechanical lever. It also increases the bike’s chain security.

While modern mechanical shifting is excellent, electronic shifting is a step ahead in making rear and front shifting smooth and swift for you.

·      Simple Setup

Electric bikes operate with a wireless system. It is particularly helpful in setting up the bike as fewer wires make the process a lot easier and less time-consuming. All you have to do is bolt some pieces of derailleurs and shifters together wirelessly.

The lack of wires also gives space to the designers to make the design more clean, simple, and elegant. The wires are neatly concealed beneath the handlebars and give the bike’s overall appearance a nice look.

·      Multiple Shift Points

Shifting gears has been made easier with the electronic system by allowing optional shift points. The location of your shifter in a mechanical shifting system is rigid and can’t be operated from anywhere else.

There’s a second set of shifters at both hand positions in an electronic shifting system that allows you to swiftly and quickly change gears at your convenience.

·      Easy to Use

Electronic shifting systems are extremely easy to access. You won’t have to make any frequent visits to the mechanic unless there’s something wrong with the electronic system.

You can use the bike carefree once you’ve set it up correctly. Be sure to keep the battery charged and take the bike for timely service. That will keep your bike running for a long time.

·      Intuitive Usage

For a beginner, getting a grasp of how bikes function can be complex. Especially when there are buttons involved. But with an electronic shifting system, you can be carefree if you’re not an experienced cyclist.

The electronic system takes care of front gear shifting for you, it’s an absolute game-changer!

Which Shimano Di2 Bike Should I Get?

There’s a Shimano Di2 bike for everyone! Depending on your athletic or sporty requirements, you can choose from a wide range of Di2 bikes available in the market.

Here are some of the best models widely loved and have excellent features.

Shimano Ultegra R8070 Di2

It is one of the most popular models from the Japanese brand, with a consistent and powerful braking system. Apart from the basic features, this bike offers a lot more.

  • Improved and excellent ergonomics
  • Responsive shifting
  • Convenient configuration of the system
  • It is compatible with the Shimano E-tubes app for configuration
  • Shift buttons require minimum movement

Shimano DURA-ACE Di2 9200 Groupset

Another masterpiece by Shimano, this model comes with tons of features to provide you with an excellent riding experience.

  • Wireless controlling system
  • Dual control levers
  • Can install remote satellite shifters
  • 58% faster shifting on the rear gear and 48% faster on the front
  • Excellent ergonomics

Frequently Asked Questions

It is common to face some difficulties with any product that you use. For people new to using Shimano Di2 electronic system bikes, it can get challenging to find a way around its functioning. Even people who have experience can sometimes face difficulties.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the product to help you better understand the bikes’ system.

1.    How long will the battery charge last?

Shimano Di2 bikes are known for their excellent and long-lasting battery life. Though the frequency and way of shifting the bike affect the battery performance, the battery life lasts about 1500-1800 miles of riding with a single charge when used typically.

2.    Should I take special care while washing my bike?

For any machine to function at its full capacity, you need to keep a check on timely service and make sure to keep the machine clean and free of dust. Shimano Di2 bikes are waterproof, and you can wash them easily, just like you would wash a mechanically operating cycle.

3.    When should I replace my battery?

Shimano Di2 assures a very long-lasting battery life. It should last you for a good 11 years when charged fully every other week. The batteries used by Shimano don’t deplete frequently. If, however, you do notice that the battery drains more quickly than usual and no longer holds a charge, it’s time for you to replace it.

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