Who Makes Gravity Mountain Bikes?

By Rachel Lee
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Gravity mountain biking is one hell of an adventure. It is indeed risky, usually performed only by above-average professional mountain bikers. Hence, after considering all the risks involved, it is impossible to get a suitable safe, and excellent experience without a good gravity mountain bike.

Who makes these bikes? Well, many well-known brands manufacture quality gravity mountain bikes like Guerilla Gravity, Gravity, Ritchey, Trek, Giant, etc. However, if you want to know particularly about the bikes sold under the brand name – Gravity, that would be bikes sold by the online retailer Bikes Direct.

In this article, you will get to know what gravity mountain biking is, more about the Gravity bikes and who makes them, and other necessary detail. So, get ready for the ride!

What is Gravity Mountain Biking?

Gravity mountain biking, also known as gravity-assisted mountain biking, is a fast-paced mountain riding segment that takes place in the off-season on steep hilly terrain or on ski slopes. The rider would start at a high height and use gravity to propel themselves downhill in this type of biking.

Gravity mountain riding provides a high-speed sensation that is the main reason behind the craze. However, high speed along with safety can only be obtained by judicious use of potential energy.

The mountain bikes used for this sport are tough and have full suspension.

As a result, if you despise pedalling uphill but enjoy gliding downhill via thrilling turns, gravity-assisted mountain biking is for you. However, you must note that this mountain riding is not for the people who don’t have a strong heart; you must love adventure and should be a risk-taker.

All About Gravity Bikes

Gravity mountain biking is becoming a popular and loved sport. It is the most fun type of mountain biking, but it is also the least good for your health. As a result, having the ideal equipment—the best gravity mountain bike available—is critical.

However, it is not possible to buy the best bike without having a background check of the brand. That is why we have listed down some necessary details of the best brand out there- Gravity Bikes, along with its exquisite bike.

Who Makes Gravity Bikes?

It is probably one of the most asked questions about Gravity bikes. People are curious to know who owns the brand because there isn’t a good site that can tell you more about the company. Let’s put an end to all your doubts here – Gravity is an in-house brand of Bikes Direct.

Gravity is merely a name registered by the owner of Bikes Direct, an online bike retailer. Like Motobecane, Dawes, and others, it’s one of many lines launched by this site. To understand it better, consider Sette, Pricepoint’s house brand, the same concept applies here.

Moreover, you must note that there is no such thing as a Gravity office or factory; it is just a name given to a product series. Much like other bikes, these are also made in China or Taiwan.

Best Gravity Bike?

The best bike by Gravity is FSX 1.0, which has become riders’ favorite soon after its launch. The hydro-formed aluminum alloy frame of the FSX 1.0 allows it to be a full-suspension bike.

The frame features perfect welding spots and ensures extra reinforcement in all areas subjected to the most stress and impact throughout a ride. Hence, we can say the bike has been designed by putting in a lot of thought.

Moreover, it is worth noting that despite the dual suspension and additional frame reinforcement, the bike remains under 26 pounds, which is relatively light. The gear system is entirely made up of Shimano components, including ultra-lightweight and quick Shimano EFT shifters.

In a nutshell, the Gravity FSX 1.0 (2021) provides the user with a bike that combines high-quality features at a bargain price.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of doubts and questions still surround gravity mountain bikes. So, here are a few most common questions, have a look-

1.    How does a gravity bike work?

As the name suggests, their work is influenced by the Earth’s gravitational force. Generally, the rider comes down from a high elevation, and with the aid of gravity, they can experience extremely high speeds.

2.    How are gravity bikes different?

Gravity bikes are more or less similar to other mountain bikes. The main difference is the full suspension features along with a sturdy and lightweight body.

3.    Why is Bikes Direct selling two similar single-pivot design full-suspension bikes – Gravity FSX and Motobecane DS?

It is a common question because BD seems to have two of its brands “competing against one another,” but that is not the case. It is an effective marketing strategy because no matter which bike you choose between the two, BD will profit by making a sale. Hence, it is a win-win situation.

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